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Firmware update

Updating the firmware is a relatively easy process which only requires a few steps. The tool requires Windows 10 or earlier versions. For a full technical description of the tool we refer to this application note.

  1. Download and install the DFU tool.
  2. Latest firmware download-link can be found on your order page, a notification e-mail will be send.
  3. Download the latest firmware version (.dfu file).
  4. Open the DFU tool called "DfuSe Demomonstration".
  5. remove the jumper from the BOOT0 pin on the pozyx device and insert the USB to your computer. After the driver has automatically installed, "STM device in DFU mode" should become visible under Available DFU devices.
  6. Under "Upgrade or Verify action", click on choose and select the .dfu file.
  7. Make sure targetid is set to: 00 - Internal Flash
  8. Click on Upgrade to upload the new firmware version.
  9. Place the jumper on the BOOT0 pins again to use the Pozyx device.

Home > Documentation > Where to place the anchors

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