Solutions for asset tracking

The desire to accurately track and trace assets in an indoor environment is a desire that is shared among many plant managers. "Knowing where things are" makes many industrial operations simpler and less costly. Pozyx RTLS based on UWB meets these needs. High valuables can be tracked with high accuracy in difficult indoor environments and this leads to tangible savings and a more streamlined proces. Efficiencies can also be uncovered in a lot of other industries and applications. With accurate asset tracking, stock-taking for example becomes a thing of the past. Asset tracking also has its use in anti-theft and security. With Pozyx UWB every asset becomes part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The possibilities are endless.

Asset Tracking

Lost and Foundtool tracking

Lost, mis-placed or stolen tools are a real problem on any shop floor. Not being able to find the tools when you need them is more than an inconvenience. Searching for tools costs money and replacing them directly bites in the bottom line.

Plenty of shop floor owners or plant managers have a system in place to keep track of the tools in use. These systems are often difficult to enforce and far from bulletproof. Pozyx allows the tracking of tools in real-time without creating any noticeable burden on the operation. A simple tag can be attached to the tool and tracking can start. As an additional benefit shop floor owners and plant managers can monitor tool usage 24/7. This can lead to additional efficiencies down the line. It often becomes clear that the same work can be done with less tools.

Tool Tracking

Optimizing for Battery Lifetimedeep sleep modus

Battery replacements are a costly affair, especially if you're working with an active radio technology like ultra-wideband. At Pozyx we have invested a lot of R&D in optimizing the battery lifetime of our tags. For our Enterprise solutions we now provide a standard deep sleep modus. A non-optimized tag will blink at the selected update rate. A tag with deep sleep modus will read out the accelerometer and check if it has moved in the previous blink frame and won't blink if it hasn't moved.

  • Battery lifetime of +3 years (1 Hz, 2 x 1/2 AA 3.6 V)
  • Smart blinking algorithm to ensure robustness
  • <50 μA at 1 Hz update rate

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