Solutions for drone & AGV tracking

Accurate indoor drone and AGV tracking has proven a real challenge up until now. At Pozyx we've build a deep subject matter experience around these challenges. With our UWB technology we can track both drones and AGVs with very high accuracy at very high update rates. We often use multiple tags to further increase performance. This enables multiple applications, ranging from stable loitering to fully automated flight (drones) to autonomous driving (AGVs).

Drone & AGV Tracking

Indoor Loiteringnon-GPS navigation

Outdoors, rtk-GPS solves many of the accuracy needs that are required for autonomous drone flight. For indoor applications, autonomous drone flight still remains a complex challenge. Ultra-wideband is currently in pole-position to make these types of applications feasible.

At Pozyx we are involved in numerous R&D initiatives (both inside and outside of the company) and have specifically worked on indoor loitering and autonomous flight using waypoints. Today Ardupilot already provides basic Pozyx support for drone flight, but there is a lot more that can be done in this field. We are actively sourcing OEMs to further develop our knowledge around this topic and bring an innovative drone solution that leverages UWB to market.

Indoor Loitering

Heading Calculationvirtual tags

With a single tag it is impossible to calculate the heading of a device. The magnetometer can be used as a digital compass but this approach is far from bulletproof. Magnetic disturbance found indoors quickly becomes problematic. At Pozyx we've chosen to implement virtual tags that can be configured on the fly with our API. Multiple single tags can thus be combined to create an improved position reading that also includes a heading. Because we've integrated this feature at the source, our virtual tags are as fast as single tags and don't introduce unwieldy delays in the sensor output and/or the application.

  • Heading calculated at the source
  • Flexible configuration thanks to our API
  • As fast as single tags

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