Solutions for forklift tracking

It is estimated that half of the costs in any given warehouse are interlinked with the put-away and picking process. Some warehouses are fully automated but many rely on forklifts for their internal transport. Usually these forklifts are dumb and they don't know where they are. Nor does the warehouse management system (WMS) or warehouse control system (WCS) that governs their task assignment. With Pozyx RTLS we provide an easy tagging solution for forklifts based on our state-of-the-art ultra-wideband technology. We also integrate with the CAN-bus to make your forklift truly smart. All data that is generated can be easily pushed to your preferred software solution, providing maximum flexibility.

Forklift Tracking

Task Interleavinglean logistics

Production line stoppages impact the bottomline and can often be traced back to issues with the internal (re)supply process. A delay with a tugger train at station 'A' cascades through the (re)supply process, creating even bigger delays at station 'Y' and 'Z'.

Classic milk-run optimizations don't use RTLS data. Pozyx allows optimization of milk-run heuristics with real-time positioning data from the tugger trains. Delays can be mitigated in real-time, buffers can be decreased and the overall throughput can be increased while keeping the quality of the process under control. Outfitting your production line with Pozyx has a real and tangible impact on the bottom line and will not only save you money but also countless headaches.

Task Interleaving

Smart Forkliftsadvanced sensor integration

Modern forklifts already have a lot of computing power on board and installing yet another redundant hardware system on top of the existing load-out is often a costly affair. At Pozyx we've developed a forklift tag that works as a simple add-on. The Pozyx Forklift tag can integrate with the CAN-bus of most vendors or be expanded with additional sensors (laser, weight, etc...). Data can be pushed to the central server using the UWB signal.

  • Data can be send over the UWB signal
  • Further enhancement possibilities with other sensors (laser, weight, etc...)
  • Compatible with our Enterprise family of products

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