Solutions for people tracking

The ability to track people in real-time with high accuracy opens up a lot of applications. At Pozyx we have helped clients with complex people tracking needs in a myriad of industries. We have worked around sports tracking, attendance management, access control and office space usage. In all these applications our accuracy proved to be key. If you're looking for sub-meter accuracy you simply cannot rely on any other technology but ultra-wideband (UWB).

On top of that we take privacy seriously. We adhere to the mantra "privacy by design". As a European company this also means that we are fully GDPR compliant for people-tracking applications.

People Tracking

Lean Six Sigmaspaghetti diagrams

A spaghetti diagram (or workflow analysis diagram) is a visual representation using a continuous line tracing the path of an activity (or item) through a process. The continuous line enables process teams to identify redundancies in the workflow and opportunities to expedite process flow. Capturing the data for these analyses is arguably the most difficult and expensive step. Today processes need to be monitored and mapped through human eyes.

At Pozyx we work actively with Lean Six Sigma practitioners to improve complex people flows. The people that are tracked carry a small ultra-wideband tag and their location is immediately visualized in your BI tool of choice. With Pozyx we can even support continuous improvement in real-time.

Lean Six Sigma

Continuous Optimizationstate-of-the-art algorithms

At Pozyx we have a dedicated team that works specifically on ultra-wideband positioning and synchronization algorithms. Each deployment poses its own challenges and there are always unique optimizations that can be achieved. We use machine learning and combine the raw ultra-wideband signal with additional sensor readouts. We have several types of algorithms and filters to choose from to guarantee the accuracy and robustness that is needed for a given application. Regardless of the application you can always count on our teams to give you the accuracy that you need.

  • State-of-the-art approach towards optimization
  • Continuous improvement based on machine learning
  • Wide selection of positioning settings to suit your needs

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