Using a local positioning system to track 2D motion 2019

Using a local positioning system to track 2D motion

Written by Paul R. DeStefano, Cora Siebert, and Ralf Widenhorn at the Department of Applied Physics of the Portland State University in Oregon, United States.


"Tracking the motion of an object in 2D as a demonstration in a physics classroom or as a laboratory activity is difficult to accomplish in real time with traditional equipment used by educators. A local positioning system (LPS), like the Pozyx Creator series LPS, has a potentially wide range of educational applications for introductory physics courses. In a previous article we reported using this product to track one-dimensional motion, pressure, rotation, and magnetic field data, but here we discuss how such systems can provide location information (to within approximately ±10 cm) in one, two, and potentially three dimensions both indoors and outdoors."

Keywords: UWB positioning, education, physics, LPS

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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