AWS Developer

Ghent, Belgium

We are looking for an experienced AWS developer to join our cozy software team and take our cloud offering to the next level. We have a lot of software to enable and support both the installation, management, and administration of all our RTLS installations at customers in over 80 countries, with a large focus on availability and robustness. In your role, you will be able to work on both our cloud stack as well as the interaction with our on-premise devices.

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Key responsibilities

  • Understand, manage and improve our k8s cluster for high availability.
  • Actively improve the integration with the various AWS services we use
  • Migrating our self-managed k8s cluster to EKS
  • Write infrastructure as code
  • Actively improve our automated testing
  • Develop our cloud services to create new applications for both internal and
  • customer use.
  • Implement and improve monitoring of our on-premise devices

Technical skills

  • Multiple years of experience with Linux backend development
  • Demonstrable experience with IaC (Terraform, Salt, Ansible)
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience with core AWS services such as EKS, EC2, S3, ECR
  • Experience with monitoring solutions like Prometheus
  • Experience with Jenkins or other CI/CD
  • Proficient with JavaScript/Typescript and RESTful API server frameworks.
  • AWS Developer 2
  • Strong notions of security best practices
  • Bonus: Terraform

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AWS Developer

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