Creator controller

The creator controller software allow you to setup and work with your creator kit utilizing the Pozyx companion software. This includes a straightforward autocalibration, visualisation, and access to your positioning data from anywhere over MQTT.


Please download the latest version (2.0.0) here:


Simply double click the installer! The installer also includes the option to install the USB driver, which is mandatory if you don't have it installed yet.


Mount the DMG image and install the application like you would any other.


Download the AppImage. You may need to still set the binary as executable, which can be done either through the file properties or by running

chmod +x ~/Downloads/pozyx-creator-controller-2.0.0.appimage

When this is done, you can run the AppImage as a standalone app.


Change log v2.0.0

23 July 2019

This updated release was focused on two things: making the creator controller cross-platform, and adding more transparency regarding why things are not working. Many other improvements were added along the way.


  • Cross-platform release for Linux, MacOS and Windows with all dependencies packed.

  • Windows: uninstaller and shortcuts are now available.

  • Smaller installer size.

  • Update system with notifications if an update is available.

  • Fixed logout and login flow.

  • Added forgot password during log-in.

  • Added option to open application on startup via browser, desktop, or not at all.

  • Reworked style to fit website.

  • Added off-board positioning, where positions are calculated on the computer instead of the Pozyx. This can improve update rate and z accuracy.


  • Added logs for all components with easy access via tray menu.

  • Added check whether computer has internet or is behind a firewall.

  • Added user-friendly error messages as to why the Pozyx may not connect.

  • Added local MQTT monitoring indicator