R&D Engineer

Pozyx https://www.pozyx.io
BE 9000 Vrijdagmarkt 10 /201

How do you measure the accuracy of a cm-accurate positioning system? The solution to this problem is relatively easy when you are talking about a few test points. However, it’s an entirely different story when considering fast moving objects in dynamic environments.


For this position, we are looking for a hand-on engineer to perform a wide variety of tests (indoor and outdoor) of the Pozyx positioning system, or parts of that system. The various test setups will comprise several electronic measurement systems, actuators or robots which need to be automated to perform reliable, repeatable and efficient tests. Tests include measuring the positioning accuracy, radio range, antenna pattern, device power consumption, wireless signal packet loss and more. For this you will work in the different Pozyx test labs such as the anechoic chamber and use the prototype lab to 3D-print objects or build fixtures for your tests. The results of the various tests will end up in the product datasheets or will be used by the algorithms team as input for new developments.
For example: https://www.pozyx.io/products-and-services/creator/system-performance


Office location: Vrijdagmarkt 10, 9000 Ghent.

Key responsibilities

  • Define tests scenarios and the desired test metrics.

  • Use scripting to integrate with different test equipment such as a spectrum analyzer, digital multimeter, rotator, and more.

  • Build the test setups and perform the tests.

  • Process test results and provide test and performance reports.

  • Automate the tests as much as possible. 

Profile we are looking for

  • Degree in Electronic engineering or similar.

  • Knowledge of Python or other scripting languages.

  • Solid knowledge of statistics.

  • Experience in wireless and wired networking. (CCNA or similar certificate is a plus)

  • You can work independently and handle responsibility well.

  • Hands-on and creative mentality.

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