Tags let you position and track things in real-time with high accuracy. Thanks to state-of-the-art UWB technology, you get precise positioning that's accurate up to 10 cm.

Combined with smart and extensible hardware and software interfaces, you're ready to unlock a new world of positioning information. Start small and work with a couple of prototyping tags to validate your positioning ideas quickly. Or scale to thousands of tags for enterprise use.

The result? The power of positioning to improve manufacturing processes, build more engaging live events, experiences, or create safer work environments. And that’s only the beginning. Start your journey with Pozyx tags.

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Accurate, Smart & Extensible.

Get Precise

Enjoy cutting-edge UWB technology to position things with very high accuracy. Use Pozyx tags to achieve accuracy of up to 10 cm.

Use Smart Data

Get intelligent data thanks to a wealth of sensors inside the tag. And make information even more accurate and robust with Pozyx algorithms.

Think Outside the Tag

Exchange information easily with different hardware and software interfaces. Pozyx tags come with everything you need to talk to third parties or program things.

Developer Tag, Wearable Tag, and More.

Find the perfect tag

Developer Tag
Developer tag

Discover the tag you need to start testing your accurate positioning ideas. Start small or move to thousands of devices.

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Wearable tag
Wearable tag - Interactive edition

Get accurate positioning in a small, battery-powered wearable. Includes an option with push button and LEDs.

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Custom tag

Looking for a dedicated tag, a special solution, or a custom application? We’re ready to listen your ideas.

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All tags at a glance.

Developer tag Wearable tag
Developer tag Wearable tag - Interactive edition

Key Features

Typical use case Get started with UWB technology
Prototype quickly
Add positioning to robots, forklifts, AGV's
Workforce management
Athletes monitoring
Museums and fairs
Trajectory optimization
Patients in hospitals
Options Multi-colored LED
Programmable button
Belt clip-on
Compatible with Enterprise
Interfaces Micro USB



Technical Specs

Power supply Micro USB (5V)
DC jack (4.5V - 12V)
CR2450 battery (3V)
Autonomy N/A Up to 5 years
Enclosure No enclosure IP20
Dimensions 60 x 53 x 26 mm 50 x 42 x 15 mm
Weight 12 g 21 g
Product sheet Product sheet

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