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    A complete UWB kit with Windows software, MQTT API, an Arduino library and Python library. Works standalone but also compatible with Raspberry Pi and Arduino Uno. Get accurate XYZ coordinates and IMU sensor information right out of the box!


    • Track multiple tags
    • Accurate 2D and 3D indoor and outdoor positioning
    • Accurate motion sensing (using 9-axis sensor fusion)
    • Accurate ranging between devices
    • Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
    • Compatible with the Pozyx companion software

    Content of the kit


    This kit for the Creator series uses the wireless two-way ranging (TWR) UWB protocol. The kit contains 5 anchors that serve as reference points and 4 developer tags. One of these tags serves as the master tag which can be connected to a computer, Raspberry Pi or an Arduino Uno via included micro USB cable or I2C. The master tag will wirelessly communicate with all other tags in range and schedule positioning. The remote tags can perform positioning themselves (no Arduino required, just the included battery). The master tag knows the positions of all remote tags and makes them available through the software or libraries.

    Our software includes the cloud companion software, with real-time visualization, configurable positioning filter options and advanced features like auto-calibration, to help you get results fast. Through MQTT you can extract the positioning data and feed it to your own application. Alternatively, you can also choose to take full control of the the Pozyx boards through the Arduino or Python libraries. For this, extensive documentation and tutorials are available.

    This kit will cover an area of 400 – 800 m2 and position 4 tags at a combined update rate of up to 60 Hz.

    10 cm accurate

    Position tags in real-time with an accuracy that is 10-20 times better than conventional positioning systems using Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi. [ref]

    60 Hz update rate

    Position a tag blazingly fast up to 60 times per second locally, or up to 45 times per second remotely. This update rate is divided by the number of tags. [ref]

    30 m typical range

    Typical wireless range of 30 m. 5 anchors can cover a space of 400 - 1000 m2

    Some things you can do with the kit