Enterprise anchor PoE

Pozyx Enterprise/Individual units 73

A single Pozyx Enterprise anchor. Can be used to support TDOA positioning in the Enterprise series. Multiple anchors can be linked together and powered through Power-over-Ethernet plus (PoE+).


The Enterprise anchors are part of the fixed infrastructure for the Pozyx Enterprise positioning system. They capture the signals from the tags, preprocess the data and send it to the positioning gateway. The anchors are equipped with a highly stable clock which can be wirelessly synchronized with the clocks of surrounding anchors over UWB. Accurate synchronization allows for low-power time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA) based positioning. The Pozyx anchors connect to one another in a daisy-chain fashion, thus minimizing your cabling and installation costs. The encrypted firmware is stored on the internal memory and can be updated over Ethernet. A backup firmware-version always remains stored in memory in case the firmware update process would fail.

  • Omnidirectional UWB antenna.
  • Powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+).
  • Internal LAN switch supports daisy chaining of up to 6 anchors.
  • 100BASE-TX Ethernet protocol (Fast Ethernet)
  • Supports sub-nanosecond wireless synchronization.
  • Firmware upgradable over Ethernet.
  • Backup firmware recovery.


The anchor can come in different casings. The default indoor casing or the rugged version for industrial use with an IP67 rating. Please contact sales for the rugged version.

 Note: The current anchor version is not certified and should be used for prototype setups only. The certified version will be available shortly with the same casing, but slightly different pcb dimensions.