Ready to Range

Ready to Range Creator/Ultra-wideband kits 66

260.00 € 260.0 EUR

260.00 €

The ready to range kit comes with 2 Pozyx tags. Kits of just two tags are commonly used to accurately calculate the range between them using ultra-wide band. This kit will allow you to calculate ranges between two points with 10 cm accuracy using our Arduino or Python library on a computer, Arduino uno or Raspberry Pi. You cannot position with this kit but you can use this kit to expand your other positioning kits with two tags.

DIY Ready to Range features

  • Performs real-time ranging between two tags using TWR
  • Performs wireless communication between devices 
  • Support update rates up to 125Hz (single tag)
  • Collects additional data using the other sensors on the board (IMU and pressure sensor)
  • Tags and anchors are fully compatible with Arduino or Raspberry Pi


The ready to range kit comes with 2 Pozyx tags, allowing to measure the range between the two tags. You can also use ultra-wideband to send data from one tag to the other. The Pozyx tag is an Arduino compatible shield equipped with an ultra-wideband transceiver, motion sensors and a pressure sensor. The tag can be controlled by an Arduino or directly over USB by a computer, raspberry pi or similar.

More information can be found in our Documentation, including tutorials, datasheets and technical descriptions. The Pozyx Arduino library, Pozyx Python library and the processing sketches can be downloaded from github.

10 cm ranging accuracy

Ranging accuracy with a standard deviation of 10cm. [ref]

350Hz update rate

Range between two tags blazingly fast up to 350 times per second. [ref]

30m Typical range

Typical wireless range of 30m. Can go up to 100m depending on the settings in a favorable environment.