Pozyx RTLS in the spotlights

Pozyx helps event and exhibition organizers to collect data from visitors. The UWB tags collect data on where and how long visitors stay, in a non-intrusive way to understand visitor journeys and to improve the curation of exhibits.
Event location intelligence delivers personalized services and experiences for different types of visitors and guests.

Real-time positioning data has also inspired the world of arts and entertainment with applications in live-action shows, theater, and movie productions. "Knowing where things are" helps operators and actors to automate many of the manual tasks that happen in an often highly dynamic and chaotic backstage environment. Real-time location tracking of actors on stage can be used to activate microphones, switch on lights or start special effects at the exact time in the script.

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Backstage of event with equipment

Robust crowd mapping

  • Algorithm optimized for indoor people tracking
  • Create accurate visitor heat maps
  • Unparalleled decimeter-precise UWB accuracy
  • High-tag density for large venue projects

Flexible & highly scalable

  • Wearable visitor tags collect vital crowd data in a non-intrusive way
  • Long battery life and bulk recharging
  • Unlimited number of tracked devices & unlimited warehouse surface area
  • Integration with other hospitality-specific applications

Data driven reliability

  • Analyze visitors and crowds in real-time
  • Indoor maps to create venue-wide location visibility
  • Location intelligence for venues and exhibitions

crowd & visitor tracking

RTLS delivers stellar visitor experience

The Pozyx RTLS captures positioning data from visitors and provides a wealth of information that can be leveraged to improve the visitor experience or the profitability of events. Crowd movements can pinpoint the most popular locations, detect bottlenecks or queues, and suggest other optimized visiting routes. Move crowd-pleasing exhibits to better suitable and favorite locations. Use gamification to encourage visitors to explore the whole venue, including dead spots.

  • Collect visitor movement data for analytics
  • Optimize visitor flows
  • Deliver indoor navigation and personalized maps
  • Improve visitor experience & comfort
  • Implement gamification to increase engagement
  • Integrate RTLS in your artwork, like Anicka Yi did

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