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Our vision

Imagine the home of the future, a home packed with sensors to ease your daily living and assists in daily chores. A helper robot delivering your beer, cleaning the house, playing with your pets and siblings. Just like the WiFi router today, or the electric cables running through the house, your future home will have accurate location infrastructure, enabling a ton of use cases making your life easier.

Your home is just one place that will evolve the next decades, we believe in a future were the world we live in is embedded with technology. And yes, it is already happening for many years, but the new technology revolution has just begun: Self driving vehicles, cars, trucks, planes, boats... Drones delivering goods door to door. Robots clerks in stores, robots assisting the elderly, helping educate our children, cleaning our houses, play with our dog...

We believe that technology enhances our time on earth, how we communicate with each other, how we move from one spot to another, taking the time to live like we want to live, to know exactly where things areā€¦

We believe that Pozyx is just a small gear in that embedded world, enabling accurate positioning for all these use cases and many more, getting closer to an enhanced world via automation.

If you are as passionate about electronics, programming, positioning, automation, robotics as we are:
Feel free to apply to our job openings below, or contact us directly at jobs@pozyx.io

Primary job openings

Side note: You must have already found on our site what we are doing. We try to focus on our product as much as possible and try to deliver the best solution in the market. But we are still a startup so other things might be little chaotic. You won't find neat job descriptions or profile expectations. We just try to find the right person, the person not the CV and try to build a long term commitment. Our offer? We try to meet industry standards (rent needs to be paid right). But as far as experience we already can tell you that the journey so far, is very exciting, international, very diverse, of course with ups and downs, but we would like you to help us smooth the path.

Hardware development engineer

We are looking for an experienced hardware development engineer to bring our product concepts to life. Candidates should have experience in PCB design and layout, creating and testing prototypes and moving prototypes to production. You will be working in a young team of engineers with extensive expertise in hardware design, firmware development, digital signal processing and IoT. Please check out the full job description at the VDAB website (dutch).

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