Real-time positioning guarantees safety & security

Securing the shop floor is key in any production environment to protect against threats and secure day-to-day business operations. Pozyx provides insights on potential security vulnerabilities of operators, visitors, manufacturing environment, shop floor equipment, tools and vehicles.

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industrial environment with possible safety issues.

Safety & Security

  • Track any person or moving asset on the floor to improve security procedures
  • Gather insights to enhance safety policies
  • Enforce the limitations of access right schemes
  • Maximize collision warning & avoidance
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  • Use production floor mapping to visualize floor plans in real-time
  • Roll-out geofencing to track employee and asset movements
  • Trigger automatic alerts or warnings when people or vehicles enter or exit predefined critical or restricted areas
  • Shut down equipment if operated by non-qualified operators or outside secured areas
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on geo-fencing

Access control

  • Restrict or grant access rights based on floor mapping areas with decimeter accurate precision
  • Keep people out of restricted zones and check on-site activities
  • Automatic gate or door unlocking for a convenient hands-free experience
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based triggers

critical indoor safety & security

Location-based triggers create a safe and secure production environment

The Pozyx RTLS tracks the entry, presence and exit of people, equipment and vehicles on pre-defined digital indoor maps. The system restricts staff from accessing certain spaces and sends real-time notifications on attempted breaches to detect trespassers or unauthorized personnel in restricted zones. It provides detailed employee time tracking information to HR to automate operator clocking processes and enables managers to remotely check who is on-site to adapt teams according to changing production staffing requirements. The real-time accurate tracking of moving equipment and vehicles like forklifts monitors traffic, feeds the collision avoidance mechanism and alerts personnel to avoid accidents.

  • Enhance jobsite safety & security
  • Restrict staff from accessing secured spaces
  • Monitor vehicle movement to avoid collisions
  • Locate and recover equipment
  • Employee clock-in/clock-out and time tracking

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Unprecedented accuracy

  • Unparalleled decimeter-precise UWB accuracy for the high-safety zones
  • Supports location data from 5G, RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS for seamless indoor/outdoor tracking
  • Automatically trigger instant alerts when people or vehicles enter or exit predefined critical or secured areas

Flexible & highly scalable

  • Combine state-of-the-art hardware and easy-to-use software
  • Easy to install - up and running in no time
  • Grows with changing demands - geofences can be combined, can span any surface and track an unlimited number of people and devices

Safe, secure & convenient

  • Combine safety, security and access control for high convenience
  • Hands-free access control based on geo-location access right limitations
  • Indoor geofencing to create virtual perimeters
  • Track people around hazardous installations or machinery

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