Smart farming RTLS raises livestock & grows crops

Locating people, tracking equipment, managing supplies, registering yield and observing animal behavior are just few of the examples in agriculture where real-time location is vital for farms with livestock or crop production.
Greenhouses create the optimal environment for crop to grow and for people to harvest. Knowing who is working when, where, and on what is therefore vital to support labor efficiency and time registration.
In livestock farms it is imperative to know the location, well-being and health of cattle. Smart, real-time monitoring of livestock enables cattle activity tracking by using Pozyx RTLS based on the ultra-accurate UWB technology.

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Greenhouse with plants and different corridors

Unprecedented accuracy

  • Unparalleled decimeter-precise UWB accuracy
  • Optimized moving person tracking algorithm
  • Increased operator security in critical industrial environments

Flexible & highly scalable

  • Combine state-of-the-art hardware and easy-to-use software
  • Easy to install - up and running in no time
  • Grows with changing demands - track a handful of operators or hundreds of employees

Data driven reliability

  • Remove guesswork, make decisions based on actual data
  • Integrate with ERP and MES
  • Fuel accurate data for labor cost and efficiency calculations
  • Automate and foolproof standard operating procedures

application highlight - greenhouse labor & yield registration

Accurate data grow greenhouse business: unlock yield & labor time registration efficiency

Greenhouses are considered to be challenging environments for any RTLS with high levels of humidity (up to 95%) and dense plants and foliage, creating considerable obstructions for line-of-sight which hamper the signals. Not obvious for any technology to just work out of the box. Pozyx's anchors have an IP66/67 grade and are well suited for these environments.

The initial business case for labor management can be combined with tag tracking for access control or time registration. Employees no longer need to use badges, and time registration runs on autopilot, with the obvious error reduction as a bonus.

  • Visualized labor productivity - work force planning
  • Precise yield registration

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agriculture application highlight - livestock tracking

Smart livestock RTLS collects better data for healthier animals

PLF (precision livestock farming) is based on the Pozyx RTLS solution for management of livestock based on continuous real-time animal monitoring to improve production and reproduction, health and welfare of the animals.

The challenges in precision livestock farming are in the large number of animals. With hundreds of pigs or cattle in the same barn, where detailed knowledge of individual animals is no longer possible, it is difficult to detect the one that is ill, does not eat or is in heat.

Pozyx provides accurate cattle location and movement data to pinpoint individual animals among their identical twins and give them the specific care they need.

  • Smart ear tags for dairy and meat industry
  • Track all animal behavior and analyze sleep, feeding and movement patterns

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