Solutions for production & logistics

Warehouse and production sites are some of the most challenging environments for indoor positioning system (IPS) deployments. These sites are by nature complex due to their sheer size and due to the number of processes that govern them. Thanks to Pozyx' ease of use, its robustness and Pozyx' integration possibilities, a lot of industrial applications become viable.

Production & Logistics


  • Sub Pallet-level Accuracy with Ultra-wideband
  • NLOS Mitigation
  • Optimized for Industrial Environments (Metal, Humidity, etc...)

Easy to Use

  • Quick Deployment (Daisy-chained Anchors)
  • Bundled with Visualization Software
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Easy to Integrate

  • Open API
  • Standard Integration with SAP WM and SAP EWM
  • Pub-sub Protocols (MQTT)

Production Linemilk-run optimization

Production line stoppages impact the bottom line and can often be traced back to issues with the internal (re)supply process. A delay with a tugger train at station 'A' cascades through the (re)supply process, creating even bigger delays at station 'Y' and 'Z'. 

Classic milk-run optimizations don't use RTLS data. Thanks to Pozyx' UWB technology, milk-run heuristics can be optimized with real-time positioning data from the tugger trains. Delays can mitigated in real-time, buffers can be decreased and the overall throughput can be increased while keeping the quality of the process under control. Deploying an ultra-wideband solution is top of mind and thanks to Pozyx' value proposition these projects have a very good ROI and pay for themselves.

Production line optimalisation

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