Pozyx Robust UWB real-time location system

The Pozyx UWB RTLS (Real-time Location System) consists of hardware to track assets, equipment, and people indoors with an unprecedented accuracy of 10-30cm via UWB and BLE technology. A comprehensive software suite allows for easy set-up and maintenance.

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Industrial environment

RTLS Hardware

UWB Anchors

The Pozyx Anchors (or satellites) receive information from the UWB or BLE tags, preprocesses the data and sends it to the Pozyx (on-premise) positioning gateway. The anchors are the cornerstone of accurate positioning and are built to endure. Their robust design makes accurate location tracking possible, even in the most challenging industrial environments. With the VESA mounts they are easy to install and attach to walls or ceilings.

  • Easy to install
  • Built to endure with IP67 rating
  • Superior UWB & BLE signal processing and reception
  • Anchor daisy chaining to reduce required cabling
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Pozyx UWB technology opposed to other positioning systems

UWB Tags

The Pozyx Tags allow accurate positioning of people and assets in real-time. They send out UWB signals that are picked up by the anchors.

Settings such as update rate can be highly configurable and to the business needs to optimize performance, durability, and battery life.

  • For assets, equipment, and people
  • Highly configurable
  • UWB ultra high accuracy (10cm)
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BLE Tags

Support for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tags is provided to allow a variety of low-cost trackers where the positioning accuracy is less important and cost is the main driver.

  • Low-cost BLE asset tags
  • Long battery life
  • BLE standard accuracy (5m)
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RTLS Architecture

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RTLS Software

Pozyx RTLS Management software anchor network view

RTLS Management

Pozyx's RTLS Management System is designed to assist the user through the complete process, from set-up to management. This garantuees a succesful roll-out within budget and on time.

The system makes it easy to estimate how many anchors are needed for optimal coverage. It offers a full managment environment for all devices in the set-up. The open API allows for easy integration and it is possible to set up automatic notifications based on location triggers.

  • Easy system set up and validation
  • Manage every device in the system in one platform
  • Set up location-based triggers
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State-of-the-art hardware

  • Easy to set up, works out of the box.
  • Robust anchors for any environment.
  • Industrial tags with IP67 to track assets.
  • Wearable tags with lanyard or wristband.
  • Highly configurable for high performance or long battery life.
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Superior Location engine

  • Best-in-class UWB location accuracy of 10-30cm with our Internationally patented location engine.
  • BLE positioning accuracy of 5m.
  • Extremely scalable in terms of amount of anchors and tags.
  • Advanced outlier detection and mitigation to maintain accuracy in challenging environments.
  • Support for low-power TDOA
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RTLS Management

  • The anchor planning tool makes it easy to set up and validate the anchor placements for optimal coverage.
  • Tag and anchor management: check on device health, battery life, or firmware version.
  • Continuous monitoring and alerting of the positioning accuracy.
  • Remote management from the cloud or locally on-premise.
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