Pozyx RTLS optimizes
WIP & material flows

The Pozyx real-time location system is a WIP (work in progress) and material flow tracking solution that allows to pinpoint, identify, monitor and surveil items, assets, vehicles, orders, and people on the shop floor and on the road. The Pozyx RTLS (real-time location system) ensures efficiency, accuracy, and traceability throughout the entire manufacturing or assembly process.
Track where a person or item is, for how long, and how it moves. Analyze work flows, buffer time, and overall process efficiency.

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Industrial environment

Track orders & material flows

  • Eliminate manual scanning
  • Easily locate (prioritized) orders
  • Manage buffers more efficiently
  • Reduce the number of load carriers
  • Increase material turnover
  • Provide real-time order status to customers
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Quality validation & checks

  • Automate and foolproof the quality validation process
  • Verify correct order location in workstations
  • Detect products in wrong shipping buffers
  • Spot LIFO or FIFO buffer order violations
  • Scrutinize orders or parts passing storage time limits
  • Trace orders that skip a process step
  • Track orders going through the wrong sequence
  • Avoid product with quality defects from re-entering the production cycle
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Efficiency checks

  • Avoid WIP buffers overflowing
  • Alert on parts buffers running low
  • Warn on empty workstations
  • Pinpoint outlier cycle/takt times
  • Monitor idle time between processing steps
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Measure cycle times & enhance quality control in industrial settings

WIP tracking

Measure cycle times & enhance quality control

WIP levels is one of the critical KPIs for manufacturing companies.
The Pozyx RTLS provides visibility and transparency on job orders during the production process which are critical to measure efficiency, enhance cycle time or takt time, increase operator efficiency (OOE) and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Especially in MTO (make to order) or QRM (quick response manufacturing) environments, real-time efficiency data can optimize cost calculations and eliminate variability in operations.
Pozyx has developed its WIP Dashboard that collects location data, analyzes xyz-data streams and generates triggers and alerts for increased operational efficiency.

  • Optimized cycle time, enhanced OEE, increased OOE
  • Quick ROI - short time to value

Robust & highly accurate

  • Superior UWB algorithm for precise indoor RTLS
  • Supports all location technologies for global coverage: UWB, 5G, RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS
  • Optimized for demanding industrial environments (metal & concrete structures - resistant to humidity & chemicals)
  • NLOS mitigation (non-line-of-sight) for demanding manufacturing environments

Easy to install & use

  • User-friendly, works out of the box
  • Quick & effortless deployment
  • Bundled with software for easy planning, visualization, deployment, validation and maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance

Smooth integration & flawless scalability

  • Open API and broad offering of standard integration protocols
  • Grows with demanding deployments, easy to extend and maintain
  • Extensive set of highly configurable triggers to capture operation flows & business logic
  • Unlimited tracked devices & area size
  • standardized under the omlox hub, future proof

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