Pozyx, the only WIP tracking tool you need

Managing and reducing Work in Process (WIP) levels is critical for manufacturing companies. The Pozyx RTLS system keeps track of all assets in the manufacturing hall, from raw material to finished product. It offers transparency on job orders during the production process which allows for efficiency measurement and improvement.

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Pozyx real-time WIP dashboard

Add visibility to the shopfloor

Tracking orders and operators on the factory floor

Tracking operators and orders optimizes production, enhances quality, and facilitates agile decision-making, leading to efficient and effective factory operations.

Pozyx is an invaluable tool for your production manager, process engineer, finance manager and even sales team.

  • Real-time tracking of orders, operators, carts or other equipment
  • Get real-time KPI's for your workflow
  • Elimination of scanning operations at every step in your process
  • Better manage priority orders

reduction in time spent monitoring the Floor


better bill of labor estimation


Improved labor efficiency


FASTER detection of issues

“Implementing Pozyx on our shop floor has been a game-changer. The company-wide adoption has been exceptional, and it has quickly become indispensable, saving valuable time for everyone on a daily basis."
Horia Iancu
Process Engineer at Salco Industrial doors
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“AFL chose the Pozyx RTLS system to track orders during all stages of production. The optimization of expedite orders is of key importance to meet customer expectations, deliver on time, and drive additional revenue."
Eric Borowicz, General Manager of AFL’s Accessories BU
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Use cases of asset tracking

Below, we list some of the use-cases for tracking on the factory floor

Use Pozyx to track orders, operators and equipment throughout your production workflows and reduce labor costs wasted on scanning and searching orders.

  • Eliminate manual scanning
  • Easily locate (priority) orders
  • See the status of an order or a workflow
  • Provide real-time order status and lead-times to customers
  • Create dashboards showing the status of production
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Whenever a process is not fully automated, issues can occur without being detected. This can lead to production delays, inefficiencies or loss in quality. Pozyx allows you to easily define rules for detecting such issues.

Some examples:

  • Avoid buffers overflowing or buffers being empty
  • Get warnings when an order is not following its workflow
  • Warn when orders or material is sitting idle too long
  • Detect equipment being used at the wrong workstation
  • Get warnings when workstations are empty
  • Detect which material is about to expire

The system makes it easy to organize all warnings and can provide dashboards to track the evolution of issues, or to make real-time decisions.

In a production environment with lots of variability and manual labor, it is difficult to know the exact production times for each production step. Hence, it’s not possible to know what the labour cost details are, or where possible inefficiency can be found.

With the Pozyx system, it is possible to measure the actual bill of labor by tracking both the operator and the orders on the shop floor. This allows you to control profitability on product level or even per order.

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In make to order environments (MTO) and quick response manufacturing (QRM), real-time efficiency data can optimize cost calculations and eliminate variability in operations. Pozyx was made to support lean transformation and continuous improvement and is also useful in more mature QRM environments.

The RTLS system enhances takt time, increases operator efficiency (OOE), overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), measures and increases overall efficiency.

Pozyx addresses and tackles all 8 wastes in lean manufacturing.

8 wastes of lean manufacturing

Monitoring operators can ensure adherence to safety protocols and compliance with regulations, creating a secure working environment.

Supervisors can ensure that employees are following safety protocols such as using equipment correctly, and maintaining safe working distances. For example, alerting the supervisor if an operator is too close to a hazardous area without authorization or training.

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