Pozyx in the driver’s seat of automotive RTLS solutions

Apart from Pozyx's RTLS solutions in automotive manufacturing, the automotive industry also needs the levels of hyper-accuracy that Pozyx delivers for automotive testing.
Pozyx collects real-time location data from cars during critical ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) tests and APS (automated parking system) tests to validate automotive developments with indoor testing and to increase crucial vehicle safety solutions. Fleet companies, car manufacturers or car dealers using Pozyx RTLS can locate vast numbers of cars in parking garages to avoid spending time on finding cars and to optimize often expensive parking capacity.

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Unprecedented accuracy

  • Unparalleled decimeter-precise UWB accuracy for exact car positioning
  • Optimized algorithm for indoor car tracking in demanding environments
  • Developed for high rate test lab requirements for vehicle safety rating and benchmarking
  • Rationalized for multi story car parks

Robust & highly scalable

  • Fuel accurate data for labor cost and efficiency calculations
  • Automate and foolproof standard operating procedures
  • IP rated hardware, ideal for harsh environments

Data driven reliability

  • Remove guesswork, make decisions based on actual data
  • Integrate with automotive testing system
  • Gain time and increase efficiency

automotive application highlight - indoor automotive testing

Vital data for critical automotive testing

The RTLS automotive test solution that Pozyx developed in conjunction with its partner OxTS provides vital real-time and highly-accurate positioning data to track cars in indoor automotive testing deployments.
OxTS is already a proven leader in outdoor testing based on GNSS/INS (global navigation satellite systems/inertial navigation system) to compute position, time and velocity. The company partnered with Pozyx to use its superior UWB data accuracy for indoor automotive tests. The application is used for ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) tests, APS (automated parking system) tests and other automotive tests. Pozyx links the outdoor and indoor system by providing the transitions between both environments.

  • Links indoor and outdoor RTLS systems and provides transitions
  • Vital positioning data for critical ADAS and APS testing

Learn more about our partnership with OxTS.

“Pozyx invests heavily in both their products, training and support, enabling us to share knowledge accross our global team."
Chris Hocking — CEO OxTS
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automotive application highlight - car tracking in parking lots

Never search for cars in vast parking lots

Pozyx’s partner Fleetback develops digital solutions for the automotive industry and has added car tracking in parking lots to obtain a real-time overview of where cars are parked. The logistics nightmare of finding the exact location of a parked car is an underestimated drain on resources and cost.
At first, Fleetback tested a Bluetooth RTLS solution, which did not deliver the accuracy required. Pozyx provides centimeter-precise positioning data that was integrated in the Fleetback app to pinpoint the exact location in parking garages, that by definition hold an RTLS challenge due to the nature of their (concrete or metal) structure. Pozyx nailed it.

  • Optimize car parking capacities and associated costs
  • Pinpoint the exact location of vehicles in a parking lot
  • Supports vast number of cars located in multistory car parks

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