Forklift tracking & fleet management

Forklift tracking is crucial for optimizing operations, enhancing safety, improving inventory management, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Businesses that invest in this technology not only boost their efficiency and productivity but also create a safer and more secure work environment.

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Pozyx real-time WIP dashboard

Add visibility to your forklift fleet

Tracking material handling equipment

Modern location technology allows you to elevate the visibility on your forklift fleet and unlocks unprecedented operational improvements.

  • Real-time tracking of forklifts, tugger trains, AGV's and more
  • Get real-time and leading KPI's for your fleet
  • Elimination of scanning operations for your forklift drivers
  • Improve inventory accuracy

improved OEE on entire fleet


LESS misplaced pallets


saved per shift per forklift

100 scans

eliminated per forklift per day

Savings realised at specific customer.

“We had the system up and running very easily with the advertised 10 cm precision. Because of Pozyx, we were able to improve our overal warehouse efficiency with 3%"
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"Increasing traffic intensity and spatial constraints necessitated a transformative solution for our logistical challenges. RTLS offers us the tools to enhance productivity and safety within our factory."
Assembly plant for heavy trucks
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Pozyx Location platform

Pozyx platform for forklift tracking and fleet management

UWB asset tracking technology

  • 10cm positioning accuracy
  • Long battery life
  • Robust in challenging environments

Forklift Tracking solution

Accurate forklift tracking

  • Accurate indoor positioning
  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Location-based triggers & warnings
  • OEE Dashboards and analytics
  • Easily configurable
  • Enterprise-level security
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Use cases of forklift tracking

Below, we list some use-cases that benefit your forklift fleet management through tracking

Having real-time visibility enables managers and operators to monitor the precise whereabouts and operational status of forklifts continuously. This data is instrumental in optimizing routes, minimizing idle periods, and eliminating unnecessary movements. By accurately dispatching forklifts to specific locations exactly when required, businesses can significantly cut down on fuel or energy usage while enhancing productivity.

For example, without tracking, all tugger trains must return to some central location when changing shifts or during breaks, such that every driver can find its vehicle when the shift starts. With tracking, this is no longer necessary as the driver knows where its vehicle is located.

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Forklift tracking provides detailed insights into Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by accurately monitoring locations.

  • Efficiency Metric Analysis: The solution measures various efficiency metrics, including time spent moving versus stationary and distances covered, offering insights into forklift performance.
  • Trip Tracking Functionality: individual forklift trips, such as milk runs or specific pick-and-put operations, can be tracked and analyzed for frequency, average time, and distance covered.
  • Performance Comparison and Optimization: Forklift metrics are compared against industry standards, allowing businesses to identify underperforming equipment and suboptimal processes, providing a foundation for optimization efforts.

The system makes it easy to understand forklift performance and can provide dashboards to track the evolution your performance

In many operations, forklift drivers are required to scan the drop-off location in the warehouse or on the production floor. This manual operation is often forgotten and can lead to erroneous input to the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Integrating forklift tracking with inventory management systems provides real-time updates on goods' movement and warehouse location, without manual scanning. When a pallet is dropped of, and the position doesn’t correspond to the destination of the pallet, a popup warning can be displayed on the operator’s tablet to put the pallet in the right zone.

This real-time tracking guarantees precise inventory management, increases operator efficiency and minimizing the chances of excess inventory or shortages.

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Monitoring forklift movements can help you balance the workload and buffer occupancy across different parts of the warehouse or production area. This prevents overloading certain sections while others remain underutilized, ensuring a more even distribution of tasks and resources making sure down time due to missing resources is prevented.

If there are unexpected obstacles or congestion in certain areas of the facility, dynamic routing adjustments can redirect forklifts to alternative routes or tasks to avoid bottlenecks and keep production flowing smoothly. Data analytics of forklift movements as supported by the Pozyx Platform solution can help you identify such bottleneck areas for improvement. You can make data-driven decisions to optimize processes and continuously refine your workflow.

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Some industries have strict regulations regarding forklift operations. Forklift tracking can help ensure compliance with these regulations by providing detailed records of forklift activities.

Forklift tracking can also enhance security by monitoring unauthorized use of forklifts and ensuring that only trained operators have access to them. Real-time visibility enables to monitor or automatically regulate forklift speed based on forklifts location. This promotes safer driving practices, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

If an accident would occur with a forklift that damages the building, like impact to a garage door. Forklift tracking allows to automatically log and report this damage so that accidents are known and repair of the damage can be scheduled as soon as possible making sure down time is minimized.

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Typical material handling equipment to track

tracking forklifts


tracking tugger trains

Tugger trains

tracking pallet jacks

Pallet jacks

Tracking AGV's (automated guided vehicles)

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

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