Industrial automation towards smarter manufacturing

It doesn’t matter if Pozyx's customers are using a classical automation pyramid, or have interconnections between all system components, the Pozyx Platform can easily plug into the different parts, at all layer levels, through its easy to use and flexible APIs & Triggers.

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Traditional automation pyramid

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With the use of Pozyx Triggers, no huge amounts of data have to be processed, only specific events in the process are handled, which makes integration easy and flexible.
The Pozyx Platform provides its analytics views in its own dashboards, independent from any other system. However, all the data is exposed over the Pozyx API to allow deep integration where required.
To connect with installed ERP, WMS, or MES systems, a thin middleware layer may be needed depending on the specific  implementation.

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to integrate

Integrations & connections

Integration in industrial environments. Ultra flexible

The Pozyx UWB RTLS system as well as the Pozyx Platform can easily plug into the different parts of automation systems, at all layer levels, through its easy to use and flexible APIs.
It easily connects directly to PLCs & IPCs and quickly delivers the data where it needs to be.
Pozyx UWB RTLS supports MQTT, OPC UA, Modbus, plain TCP/UDP and most other field bus or industrial network protocols.
The Pozyx Platform is based on the omlux hub and supports its standardized APIs,

  • Designed with focus on industrial IoT
  • Bridging the gap between OT & IT

standardization for future proofing

omlox, the new standard paving the way to smart factories

RTLS-based UWB is now being standardized for industrial settings under the omlox standardization initiative.

The omlox standardization goals are:

  • Ability to mix UWB tags from different vendors
  • Standardized and open API to read RTLS data
  • Integration of multiple locating technologies
    (not limited to UWB)
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