Reusable & Returnable Packaging

Pozyx has the solution to address any concerns about the high costs of lost or misplaced reusable and returnable packaging.
Track and identify reusable packaging to optimize inventory, reduce total reusable packaging purchases & working capital, avoid overstocking, increase warehouse & production efficiency, enhance space utilization and improve logistic and storage processes.

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The Power of Real-Time Packaging Positioning


  • Reusable packaging, WIP, operators, forklifts, orders
  • In real-time
  • Worldwide map, zoom in to indoor 10cm accuracy


  • Accurate & real-time inventory info & forecasts
  • Reduce laborious inventory counts
  • Avoid reusable packaging loss & theft


  • Real-time asset & packaging visibility
  • Eliminate manual scanning
  • Improve planning
  • Optimize cycle times and asset utilization
  • Increase workforce efficiency


  • Save time - never search for lost packaging again
  • Slash inventory costs
  • Avoid overstocking
  • Optimize space utilization
  • Reduce lag - avoid downtime
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Add confidence to reusable  packaging

Global tracking of returnable and reusable packaging

Losing track of reusable packaging and containers means losing time and money.
Reusable packaging, pallets and racks travel between production, OEMs, customers and suppliers. Even though they are labeled as returnable, packaging easily gets lost and large amounts of money go to waste.

  • Real-time tracking and identification of containers, racks and returnable packaging, on-site and off-site, with the customer, supplier or anywhere on the road
  • Elimination of lost packaging search actions
  • Reduction of returnable packages quantities
  • Elimination of excess packaging material production & cost
  • Management of circular logistics for sustainable re-usable multi-trip packaging

Real- time tracking

  • Know the exact location of every returnable package asset
  • Real-time activity tracking
  • Alerts based on geo-fence entering/exiting
  • Improve logistic planning
  • Reduce lag and avoid downtime in supply chain
  • Avoid reusable packaging asset loss & theft
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Inventory control

  • Use accurate real-time inventory information
  • Achieve and maintain accurate purchase forecasts
  • Eliminate manual scanning
  • Reduce laborious and expensive physical inventory counts
  • Slash lost inventory costs
  • Minimize the number of returnable containers with JIT delivery
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Efficiency gain

  • Save time - never search for lost packaging again
  • Remove employee frustration looking for misplaced assets
  • Ergonomic benefits & improved worker safety
  • Reduced labor costs due to optimized workflows
  • Optimized cycle times and asset utilization
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Cost optimization

  • Reduce total reusable packaging purchases & working capital
  • Avoid overstocking – smart planning for reduced safety stock
  • Reduce Total Logistics Costs (TLC)
  • Optimize warehouse space utilization & facility footprint
  • ROI typically reached in less than a year
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  • Build a green & sustainable reusable packaging solution
  • Focus on carbon footprint reduction: return, reuse, recycle
  • Align with the growing importance of ESMs - environmental sustainability metrics
  • Comply with increasingly more stringent governmental regulations
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