Reusable & Returnable Packaging Tracking

Pozyx has the solution to address any concerns about the high costs of lost or misplaced reusable and returnable packaging.
Track and identify reusable packaging to optimize supply chain, reduce total reusable packaging purchases & working capital, avoid overstocking, increase warehouse & production efficiency, and improve logistic and storage processes.

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Add visibility to reusable  packaging

Global tracking of returnable and reusable packaging

Losing track of reusable packaging and containers means losing time and money.
Containers, pallets and racks travel between production, OEMs, customers and suppliers. Even though they are labeled as returnable, packaging easily gets lost and large amounts of money go to waste.

  • Real-time tracking and identification of containers, racks and returnable packaging, on-site and off-site, with the customer, supplier or anywhere on the road
  • Elimination of lost packaging search actions
  • Reduction of returnable packages quantities
  • Elimination of excess packaging material production & cost
  • Management of circular logistics for sustainable re-usable multi-trip packaging

reduction in lost assets


saved on manual counting


FASTER detection of issues


saved on ASSET management costs

Pozyx Location platform

Overview of the Pozyx outdoor asset tracking solution

GPS asset tracker Technical summary

  • GNSS/GPS or Wi-Fi positioning
  • Cloud-based localization
  • 4G/5G (NBIoT, CAT-M) or LoRaWAN for data connectivity

Returnable package Tracking solution

GPS asset tracking solution

  • Seamless indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Ultra-long battery life (up to 10 years)
  • No infrastructure required
  • Location-based warnings
  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Enterprise-level security
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Use cases of asset tracking

Below, we list some of the use-cases for tracking returnable packaging assets.

Returnable packaging items are often lost or stolen during transit or storage, resulting in financial losses and disruptions to the supply chain.

With the indoor/outdoor trackers you will have continuous visibility of your assets, even when GPS reception is not possible, the system will fall back to Wi-Fi or even cell-tower localization. At any time, the historical locations can be viewed in the system.

In the event of theft, the device can switch to recovery mode with real-time tracking to retrieve the asset.

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Organizations struggle to ensure that returnable packaging is used optimally, leading to excess inventory or shortages of these assets.

Through real-time tracking, it becomes possible to track the amount of packaging containers on hand or off-site. The Pozyx platform can measure your asset utilization over time and can provide various alerts that help to increase it. For example, alerts when inventory levels will become too low or too high.

Accurately determining the required containers in various logistics flows is challenging, relying on anticipated lead times and logistics managers' demands. Our research indicates that manufacturing companies can reduce their container fleet size up to 20% by optimizing allocations through effective usage analysis.

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Ensuring the returnable packaging is in good condition requires regular maintenance and repairs, which are often not properly managed.

With the Pozyx platform it becomes possible to manage and track repairs based on utilisation. This allows predictive maintenance.

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Compliance with returnable packaging agreements and contracts can be challenging, and organizations may struggle to hold partners and suppliers accountable for lost or damaged items.

Typically, containers will be treated with more care when people know they are being tracked. Furthermore, through tracking, it is much easier to find out who is responsible for the damage.

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Organizations aiming to reduce their environmental footprint and meet sustainability goals need better tracking and management systems for returnable packaging.

Leveraging the data and insights from the tracking system allow to optimize the use of returnable packaging, reduce losses, and minimize transportation costs.

The system can also support sustainability initiatives by promoting the reuse and recycling of packaging materials.

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Typical assets to track

bulk container

Bulk containers

Container rack

Transport racks

liquid container

Liquid containers

transport rack

Transport carts

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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