Track anything in manufacturing. Ultra efficient.

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Track anything in industry 4.0. Ultra accurateTrack anything in industry 4.0. Ultra accurate

People tracking

Track operators or employees, visitors or unwanted intruders in any venue.

  • Operator safety​
  • Operator efficiency​
  • Access control​
  • Standard operating procedures​
  • Indoor navigation​
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Asset Tracking

Track any asset, item, batch or order in any stage of the production or assembly process.

  • WIP optimization​
  • Cycle time improvement​
  • Inventory control​
  • Lean manufacturing​
  • Quality control​
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Equipment Tracking

Track tools and equipment and never search for lost items again.

  • Forklift tracking​
  • Tool localization​
  • Crane safety zones​
  • Robot & cobot co-existance
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Vehicle Tracking

Track anything that drives or moves to create a safe and efficient work environment.

  • Tugger train tracking​
  • Warehouse optimization​
  • Navigation & orchestration​
  • Warehouse safety​
  • Automotive testing
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Optimize Industry 4.0 with RTLS. Ultra efficient.

The Pozyx RTLS solutions are easy to implement and install with efficient infrastructure, out of the box software a broad API offering that allow quick integration.
The Pozyx software can be deployed in the cloud or on premise. When connected to the cloud you can easily perform software updates or do remote monitoring.

Optimize efficiency & increase safety. Ultra effective.​

Accurately measure and monitor operator efficiency to define realistic and efficient production times and to analyze labor cost. ​Increase crucial operator safety with precise real-time employee indoor location tracking and situational awareness tools. ​Create dynamic safety zones and trigger alerts for moving assets and for protecting people. ​Define geofence zones to restrict access, to trace presence and track behavior.

Engineer working at desk.
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Follow every asset in production flow. Ultra reliable.

Pinpoint, monitor and surveil items, assets, vehicles and people on the shop floor. Ensure efficiency, accuracy, and traceability throughout the entire manufacturing or assembly process for optimized cycle time, enhanced OEE and increased OOE.

wip and material flow in manufacturing.
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Smarten quality &  improve output. Ultra boosted.

Eliminate the 8 wastes of lean and optimize production time, material and labor.​ Create eKanban boards  to optimize production, assembly and logistics flows.​ Practice value stream mapping, initiate SMED methods and deliver to Kaizen principles.​ Analyze policy performance and compliance levels.

Andon light in factory environment
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Track all moving warehouse assets. Ultra fluent.

Stop wasting man-hours searching for pallets, machines, tools or products. Full real-time yard management to improve your operational efficiency. A strong inventory control tool, part of the EWM (extended warehouse management) system for utmost inventory performance.

track assets, pallets, or forklifts in warehouses.
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Keep sites safe and protected. Ultra secure.

Combine smart automation with ease of use for safe, secure and easy to access facilities. Define restricted zones to avoid entrance of unauthorized personnel or visitors. Install indoor geofences and curfews. Automatically manage and automate doors, lights and HVAC systems based on occupancy.

Keep work environments safe and secure with Pozyx
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