Equipment tracking

Real-time visibility on different kinds of equipment with precise information on location, how they move, when they moved, and when they remain static is the basis for any successful RTLS application. Start the RTLS journey with tracking a limited number of critical equipment and scale as needed to include all tools, forklifts, tugger trains and people. Get the full overview of production floor activities and improve efficiency of equipment and production flows. Follow orders outside the production facilities and track their worldwide journey.

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Worker driving a forklift in a warehouse

Tracking all equipment

  • Easily find all moving or missing equipment on the floor or on the road
  • Track a limited number of critical pieces of equipment or all assets and tools
  • Scan how items moved and generate heat maps to optimize production flows
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Full equipment visibility

  • Track the what, where and when of forklifts, tugger trains and moving pallets
  • Pinpoint motion of moving elements like production batches and orders in real-time to analyze WIP
  • Automate business flows and create closed-loop processes to improve efficiency
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Dynamic shop floor

  • Restrict the use of tools or equipment to trained operators only and increase safety
  • Never search for lost tools or equipment and avoid theft
  • Dynamically assign workforce according to requirements during production peak times
  • Real-time asset visibility to avoid   bottle necks or idle time
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Equipment tracking

Understand where equipment is and how it moves on the manufacturing floor

The Pozyx RTLS collects, tracks and reports on any piece of equipment on the floor. See the real-time location of vehicles and tools and never search for misplaced items. Check efficiency to see how forklifts or tugger trains move. Ensure that operators only use the tools allowed at specified workstations. Track location of items to avoid loss.
Ensure a safe and secure work environment when real-time tracking of forklifts and moving equipment generate alerts to warn operators.

  • Never search for missing equipment or tools
  • Locate mobile equipment in real time
  • Increase equipment availability
  • Prevent loss and hoarding

Unprecedented accuracy

  • Unparalleled decimeter-precise UWB accuracy for indoor tracking
  • location data from 5G, RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS for global or less precise tracking
  • Optimized asset tracking algorithm for industrial environments
  • Robust in challenging, metal- and concrete-rich indoor environments

Flexible & highly scalable

  • Combine state-of-the-art hardware and easy-to-use software
  • Easy to install, up & running in no time
  • Grows with changing demands - track a handful of forklifts or hundreds of tools

Data driven reliability

  • Remove guesswork, make decisions based on actual data
  • Automate and fool-proof standard operating procedures
  • Integrate with ERP and MES

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