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Developer Tag

Track any asset in real-time with ultra-accuracy. State-of-the-art UWB technology, delivers precise positioning and motion information, accurate up to 10 cm. Combined with smart and extensible hardware and software interfaces, the developer tag unlocks a new world of positioning information.

The developer tag, ideally suited for testing and prototyping, can also be used as an Enterprise tag component.

Every RTLS journey starts with Pozyx tags.

developer tag - made for testing and prototyping


The Pozyx developer tag provides accurate positioning and motion information. It utilizes a set of sensors and an ultra-wideband (UWB) transceiver. The principal component is the DW1000 UWB-chip from Decawave that is used for wireless ranging and messaging. Furthermore, the board is equipped with a 9-axis inertial measurement unit for orientation information.

The tag does not need an Arduino to work.

Headered vs Headerless configuration
The headered tag is a shield compatible with Arduino. The headerless tag is identical to the shield compatible with Arduino with the exception that the stacking header pins are not present. This makes the tag smaller.

Works with both the Creator and the Enterprise series

  • Compatible with Arduino Uno R3, Nano and Mega through I2C
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi through micro USB
  • On-board ultra-wideband transceiver
  • On-board 9-axis inertial measurement unit
  • On-board pressure sensor
  • Operating voltage 3.3 V

On board interfaces
Arduino communicates with the Pozyx tag by means of I2C (SCL and SDA pin) and two optional interrupt pins (pins 2 or 3). Because the I2C bus can be shared with other peripherals, the tag will not interfere with other Arduino shields. The ICSP header from the Arduino is not passed through, hence other boards requiring this interface must be stacked lower than the Pozyx tag.
Micro USB
The micro USB can be used for three purposes: Firstly, for updating the Pozyx firmware in case new features are provided by us. Secondly, it can be used to connect (and power) the tag to a computer. This way, the tag can be controlled through the computer without requiring an Arduino. Finally, it can be used to connect a Raspberry Pi in order to retrieve sensor's data.The tag provides accurate positioning and motion information. The tag is meant to work in combination with anchors, either from the Creator series or the Enterprise series.

Arduino compatibility

Uno R3, Mega and Nano

Micro USB
For firmware updates and Raspberry Pi connection
4 for general purpose + 2 for UWB connectivity
Optional GPIO pins
Onboard 3.3 V regulator
For automatic power selection from battery, Arduino or USB
6 cm x 5.3 cm

12 g


Decawave DW1000

Chip antenna
Up to 10 cm
Frequency range
3.5 - 6.5 GHz
Up to 6.8 Mbps

Up to 100 m

Motion Sensors
Pressure sensor


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