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If you are interested in working for a technology scale-up in full expansion, take a look at our job openings. We are hiring across all teams, both highly experienced profiles as well as recent graduates. We strongly believe in the motto 'hire for attitude, train for skills'.

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Pozyx is growing rapidly. What originated from a team of ambitious PhDs and engineers, grew into an organization with many diverse talented profiles. We welcome hardware engineers, firmware engineers, software engineers and people who work on algorithms. Everybody brings tons of experience in indoor positioning.

The technical team is flanked by an enthusiastic sales & marketing team. They guide our customers from discovery to success and added value, making the purchase and implementation process a quick and effortless exercise. The operations team optimizes installations, provides support and makes sure our customers can enjoy a flawless RTLS implementation and user experience. Our HR and administration department makes sure all our internal flows run smoothly.

Our core values


The desire to excel and offer the best possible product, service and experience to our customers.We are proud of what we do, and we want to be the best in doing it.


Delivering what we promise is crucial.

We adhere to timelines and deadlines and we don't make false claims. We believe transparent communication can avoid surprises.


We take pride in our excellent support.

Not only to our customers but also internally to our team. Customer experience and colleagues feeling happy at Pozyx is key.


Innovation is key to be able to excel.

It is in our DNA to challenge the state-of-the-art. Innovation propels our growth and fuels our future development.

Ignite your career

Passion for technology

If you are as passionate about electronics, programming, positioning, automation and robotics as we are, please apply to our job openings below, or contact us directly at

Pie as a perk

Pozyx loves its pie.
Apple pie, cherry pie, and raspberry pi!! Whenever we hit a milestone we celebrate with pie!

Job offer

Our offer? Simple, a job in a fast growing scale-up with competitive pay and loads of growth potential. You will also be in charge of your own stuff from day one.

People and culture at pozyxpeople and culture at pozyx
people and culture at pozyxpeople and culture at pozyx

Life at Pozyx
What our employees are saying

"I greatly appreciate the open atmosphere at Pozyx. Colleagues are always ready to assist each other and exchange ideas. Many friendly individuals make interactions engaging, both at work and outside of it. At Pozyx, the hierarchy does not hinder the exchange of interesting mutual feedback and active engagement in discussions. Work at Pozyx has been challenging and diverse from the very beginning, which keeps it consistently engaging."

Jeroen Van Hecke
R&D Engineer

“Pozyx gave me a warm welcome as we started off with breakfast and a teambuilding. A great way to get to know the people behind the scenes!
I am currently learning about the technology and the software with the help of my colleagues, no question is too hard to answer. My goal is to capture possible issues before the product gets installed at the customer. So that everything goes smoothly on the customer’s side."

Ilse Colaes
Test & Support Engineer

“I couldn't have asked for a better first work experience here at Pozyx. From day one, I felt involved working on a RTLS solution I believe in. My colleagues were always open to answer questions and the positive atmosphere makes up for a truly stimulating work environment. Glad to be part of the team!“

Robbe Vleugels
Customer Success Engineer

“I loved being involved and being hands-on since my very first day at Pozyx. My colleagues and team lead immediately gave me the support and opportunity to learn what’s needed, and at the same time also helped me to make my first month already as impactful as possible.”

Firmware Engineer

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Ghent, Belgium
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Ghent, Belgium
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Couldn't find what your were looking for? We are always welcoming new talent. Contact us and let us know what you can offer Pozyx.

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