Improved warehouse efficiency

Warehouse sites are some of the most challenging environments for positioning system deployments. They are complex by nature due to their sheer size and demanding due to the number of processes that govern them. Pozyx provides ease of use, robustness and flawless integration capabilities to provide warehouse applications with vital real-time asset and people tracking data that create process flow insights and translate into real business value.
Warehouse with assets and forklift

Inventory control

  • Know the exact location of goods, pallets and assets and save time
  • Eliminate manual scanning
  • Achieve & maintain inventory accuracy
  • Reduce laborious and expensive physical inventory counts
  • Slash lost inventory costs
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Labor productivity & safety

  • Optimize work shifts
  • Calculate & increase operator efficiency
  • Automate time registration
  • Create safety applications to avoid human/robot/forklift collisions
  • Monitor driver behaviour, identify high traffic & risk areas, apply automated speed control
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Warehouse optimization

  • Optimize space utilization, facility footprint and layout
  • Analyze goods handling routes and promote process efficiency
  • Deliver cost savings by improving journey routing capabilities
  • Use accurate real-time stock information to reduce (excess) stock holding needs
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Replenishing Line

This video explains the integration of Pozyx's accurate positioning on the replenishing line. Improve efficiency by sectioning your factory floor in different zones.

warehouse optimization

Maintain inventory accuracy. Improve goods movement flows

The Pozyx RTLS tracks people, objects, and vehicles in the warehouse and on the road. It monitors and analyzes their interactions in real-time to result in big impact on inventory accuracy and efficiency. The Pozyx RTLS provides insights on how and where people work to better plan and optimize human resource management.

Losing track of pallets, carriers or goods means losing time and money. The trigger-based system provides a detailed overview of pallet and good locations and movements, which can be evaluated to enhance process workflows and resolve bottlenecks.

Industrial robots and forklifts are high safety-risk assets in any warehouse, where robot and vehicle tracking can help reduce collision risks. The Pozyx warehouse orchestration system is based on real-time positioning and brings efficiency and safety to the overall business.

  • Improve employee efficiency in warehouses
  • Secure safety in robotized warehouses
  • Raise productivity, enhance warehouse-floor and resource movement processes
  • Locate and recover pallets, orders, returnable packaging
  • Analyze material handling routes and optimize warehouse operations & footprint

Robust & highly accurate

  • UWB technology for sub pallet-level accuracy, other location technologies for less precise and outdoor tracking
  • Optimized algorithm for demanding warehouse environments (metal racks, narrow corridors, high signal absorption and reflection materials)
  • NLOS mitigation mechanism to refine positioning data

Easy to install & use

  • User-friendly, works out of the box  
  • Quick and effortless deployment with daisy-chained anchors
  • Bundled with software for easy planning, visualization, deployment, validation and maintenance    
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance

Smooth integration & flawless scalability

  • Open API and broad offering of standard integration protocols
  • Grows with demanding deployments, from small amounts of critical equipment to large scale installations
  • Unlimited number of tracked devices & surface area
  • Feeds real-time data to ERP, MES and WMS (Warehouse Management System)

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