Improved warehouse efficiency

The Pozyx RTLS tracks people, objects, and vehicles in warehouses. It monitors and analyzes their interactions in real-time to result in big impact on inventory accuracy and warehouse efficiency. The Pozyx RTLS provides insights into how and where people work to better plan and optimize human resource management. The system also locates anything in the warehouse, slashing lost assets costs and improving lead time.
Warehouse with assets and forklift

Inventory tracking

Take control of your inventory

Pozyx keeps track of the entire inventory and plugs seamlessly into the ERP or WMS system. This ensures you never over- or understock items.

Save time by knowing the exact location of goods, pallets, and assets and never spend time searching for lost inventory again. The open API makes countless integrations possible and can completely eliminate scanning.

  • Achieve & maintain inventory accuracy
  • Reduce laborious and expensive physical inventory counts
  • Slash lost inventory costs
  • Eliminate manual scanning
track assets, pallets, or forklifts in warehouses.

Smart warehousing

For a smarter future

Pozyx helps warehouses become smarter and is a valuable addition to companies who already invested in advanced technologies. The system gathers data and brings transparency over the flow of goods and forklift trajectories,

Industrial robots and forklifts are high safety-risk assets in any warehouse, where robot and vehicle tracking can help reduce collision risks. The Pozyx warehouse orchestration system is based on real-time positioning and brings efficiency and safety to the overall business.

  • Improve employee efficiency in warehouses
  • Secure safety in robotized warehouses
  • Raise productivity, enhance warehouse-floor and resource movement processes
  • Locate and recover pallets, orders, returnable packaging
  • Analyze material handling routes and optimize warehouse operations & footprint

Inventory replenishment

This video explains the integration of Pozyx's accurate positioning on the replenishing line. Improve efficiency by sectioning your factory floor in different zones.

Forklift tracking

Route optimization for ultimate efficiency

Tracking large equipment such as forklifts opens a world of possibilities that improve performance. Instantly gain knowledge in the routes taken, the percentage of forklifts in use at any given time, and more stats compiled into clear analytical dashboards. Take it a step further and automatically optimize forklift routes for maximum efficiency and obstacle avoidance.

  • Spaghetti charts and other analytics to optimize efficiency
  • Automatically optimize routes and avoid obstacles
Equipment tracking

order picking

Optimize picking routes

Searching for the right product can be a hassle. That is why we optimize order picking. The Pozyx system knows where the assets are, and in what order they need to be picked for maximum efficiency. Together with ART4L, we made a custom solution to optimize order picking, the operator locaton guidance and vision picking system.

The exact location of an asset in the warehouse, and even in the rack is shown on a tablet or via AR glasses, helping the order picker perform quicker and eliminating manual searching for assets.

Operator Location Guidance System

Warehouse optimization

  • Optimize space utilization, facility footprint and layout
  • Analyze goods handling routes and promote process efficiency
  • Deliver cost savings by improving journey routing capabilities
  • Use accurate real-time stock information to reduce (excess) stock holding needs
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Inventory control

  • Know the exact location of goods, pallets and assets and save time
  • Eliminate manual scanning
  • Achieve & maintain inventory accuracy
  • Reduce laborious and expensive physical inventory counts
  • Slash lost inventory costs
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Equipment tracking

  • Clear dashboards of forklift routes for easy optimization
  • Automatically optimize forklift paths and avoid obstacles in the warehouse
  • Monitor driver behaviour, identify high traffic & risk areas, apply automated speed control
  • Eliminate searching for assets, quicker order picking
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The Pozyx Promise

Our core values push us everyday to excel and innovate in order to offer the best possible product and support to our customers. That is how we guarantee a system that is robust, accurate, easy to install, scale, and integrate.

Robust & highly accurate

  • UWB technology for sub pallet-level accuracy, other location technologies for less precise and outdoor tracking
  • Optimized algorithm for demanding warehouse environments (metal racks, narrow corridors, high signal absorption and reflection materials)
  • NLOS mitigation mechanism to refine positioning data

Easy to install & use

  • User-friendly, works out of the box  
  • Quick and effortless deployment with daisy-chained anchors
  • Bundled with software for easy planning, visualization, deployment, validation and maintenance    
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance

Smooth integration & flawless scalability

  • Open API and broad offering of standard integration protocols
  • Grows with demanding deployments, from small amounts of critical equipment to large scale installations
  • Unlimited number of tracked devices & surface area
  • Feeds real-time data to ERP, MES and WMS (Warehouse Management System)
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