Pozyx RTLS Management Software & Tools

The Pozyx RTLS management software is designed to provide System- or IT-admins full control over the Pozyx system. It can work on-premise or in the cloud. It supports rolling out the system in record time with validation tools that provide hard evidence that the system reaches the desired performance.

Finally, the tools provide system monitoring to make sure your system keeps on providing accurate positioning data over time.

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Screenshot of the RTLS management software.

From start to finish

Rolling out a positioning system can seem like a daunting task.
Pozyx took a radically different approach with an easy-to-install and easy-to-use software inplementation.

Screenshot of the pozyx management software

The Pozyx software assists users throughout the complete process guaranteeing a successful roll-out within budget and on time. For more complex installations, the Pozyx RTLS experts can further assist with their support and expertise.

Ultra-flexible RTLS

real-time visualization of forklifts


See what's happening in real-time

  • Real-time visualization - The 2D visualization shows tags and anchors on the floor plan in real-time. Layers can be enabled or disabled to show additional information such as anchor connectivity, network topology, zones and more.
  • Simple parameter configuration - No need for a PhD in RTLS to configure the Pozyx system. The settings are easy to understand, easy to tweak, and flexible enough to allow multiple use cases with one system.
  • Performance validation - After installation, make sure that the positioning performance is within requirements and sign off on an automatically generated validation report.

System management

System, devices and user management in full control

  • Tag and anchor management - Easily manage each device in the system and display useful information such as device health, battery life or firmware version.
  • System alerts - The alerting system provides notifications when something goes wrong including: anchors that have moved, tags that are low on battery or disconnected.
  • User access controls - Three user roles are available with different levels of access to the system. All user actions that alter the system can be logged to quickly identify breaking changes.
  • (Multi-)Gateway management - Manage the health of gateway or multiple gateways when multiple systems are tied together to provide a single API interface.
  • Scalable compute management - Configure how to put gateways in parallel to increase to computational power and support even the most demanding positioning positioning setups.
  • System backup - Easily create backups and quickly swap out gateway hardware to reduce potential downtime to a minimum.
The RTLS management system gives the user full control
Easy configuration with the anchor planning tool


Get up and running in no time

  • Anchor planning tool - Pozyx tools assist in defining where the anchors must be placed for optimal set-up coverage.
  • Anchor network validation tool - Validate the network with the validation tool to quickly spot cabling or configuration errors in the network.
  • Infrastructure (auto-)calibration - Software to assist during the process to eliminate some of the time-consuming calibration steps.
  • Validation & Report tool - Use advanced signal processing and AI to determine and validate the accuracy, completeness, and performance of Pozyx deployments after the initial installation of the infrastructure.


Flexible integration. Future-ready standards

  • MQTT data stream - Easily receive detailed tag location streams. More details here.
  • HTTP API - An extensive API allows you to programatically control or get information from the Pozyx system. Learn more.
  • Simulator - Simulate tag trajectories to easily validate integrations and business logic. No need to manually move tags to fire triggers or to see changes in the MQTT stream.
  • Omlox-ready - The system can easily connect to an Omlox hub if desired.
Open API makes for easy integration