Pozyx Platform

The Pozyx Platform turns accurate real-time location data into valuable visibility for smart manufacturing.

The Pozyx use cases are defined to bring visibility and valuable insights on WIP, workforce efficiency, supply chain, and space utilization. It facilitates warehouse and inventory control, keeps track of returnable packaging and critical tools and slashes lost asset costs.

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Pozyx Platform in action

The Pozyx Platform is where the RTLS magic happens.
It collects data from the Pozyx UWB RTLS as well as other location technologies or sensor data. It is based on the omlox hub and has an open architecture with flexible interfaces and APIs for a smooth integration with ERP, MES and WMS.

The Pozyx Platform consists of 3 main building blocks: The Location & Sensor Hub, The Control Tower and the Industrial Applications.

  • Multi-technology omlox hub
  • Future proof
  • Scalable and robust
Pozyx Platform with 3 main building blocks
Person pointing at screen

3 building blocks in the Pozyx Platform

Location and Sensor Hub

The Location and Sensor Hub is home to the Trigger functionality that allows the creation and launching of automated events and notifications.

The Digital Twin module manages maps, floorplans and geofences and allows a seamless indoor/outdoor transition to pinpoint assets. It enables zoom-in from a global map to a precise indoor location, up to 10cm accurate with UWB. It supports IMDF vector-map format and image floorplans.

The open architecture of the Pozyx Platform with flexible interfaces and APIs allows smooth integration with ERP, MES and WMS. To connect with installed systems, a thin middleware layer may be needed depending on the specific implementation.

Finally, the Asset Management environment is where the assets and tags can be configured. Users can create any type and add metadata and custom fields to adapt to any business case.

Location & Sensor Hub

Full visibility - always in control

Control Tower

The Control Tower is home to the managerial team and holds the Dashboards and Analytical Data Lake.

The Analytical Data Lake collects and stores historical object data that is processed to fuel the operational and managerial Dashboards.

The main users of the control tower are the operational leaders who need real-time data and KPIs to support their objectives and critical measurables. Depending on the different user profiles, various dashboards can be made available.

Control Tower

Hands-on shopfloor apps

Industrial Applications

A broad offering of industrial applications is available to take control of the day-to-day activities in the plant.

The WIP Dashboard provides full visibility of WIP. It is a kanban-style dashboard that shows the process steps based on geofences and reflects the state of each order in the process based on its location.

Shopfloor Apps are designed for operators, for example to perform easy linking of tags to objects on handheld devices.

The Process Management module provides tools and insights for process mining and management features.

Industrial Applications