Pozyx Platform

The Pozyx Platform is a software solution that leverages location data to provide real-time visibility and insights for running a facility.

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Real-time asset visibility in the facility


Real-time visibility of your facility

The platform allows tracking of material, operators, forklifts and packaging across your entire facility indoor and outdoor, across multiple sites. Different tracking technologies can be combined to provide full visibility.

  • Less time walking the floor to monitor progress
  • Obtain accurate inventory reports
  • Respond faster to abnormal events
  • No time wasted searching for things


Data-driven decision making

Location data can be processed to provide time budgets, operational efficiency metrics and all kinds of key metrics that unlock powerful analytics and dashboards.

  • Improve the planning & pricing of your operations based on actual data
  • Improve labor and equipment efficiency by tracking key metrics
  • No walking the floor for capturing data for time studies
A Forklift dashboard to monitor real-time operational efficiency

Available in the office
or on the go

The software can run on different devices.
On-premise or in the cloud. Always 100% secure.

  • Desktop
  • Kiosk
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
Pozyx Platform with 3 main building blocks

Key Features

Search & Find

Quickly find the assets or groups of assets on the map based on advanced search criteria using any of the custom properties you've configured for the assets.

Multi Location Technology

By leveraging the Omlox Hub standard, multiple location technologies such as UWB, RFID, 5G, BLE, Wi-Fi, and GPS can all work together.

Warnings & Notifications

The platform contains a triggering rule engine allowing the user to define conditions for warnings and notification based on real-time location or other data.


Easily define virtual geographic areas that can be used inside the system for generating triggers, to define process steps or for analytic purposes.


Easily integrate with external ERP, WMS or other systems to synchronise asset data between the systems. Custom integrations possible.

Mobile app

A specialised mobile application allows to use the system on the go for searching, identifying and interacting with trackable assets.

Secure Multi-user

Give multiple users access to the platform and assign them different user access rights. Enable SSO and MFA for more control.

Dashboards & analytics

Spaghetti charts, heatmaps, behavioral analytics and much more allow deep understanding of what is going on. Learn more.

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