Strong global omlox standard

Pozyx is contributing member and early adopter of omlox - the open and internationally recognized standard for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). Omlox and Pozyx both have the ambition to achieve the common goal of creating an integrated RTLS technology ecosystem that supports data from different location technologies as well as interoperability within the UWB based locating zone.

Pozyx and omlox

"The omlox multi-technology approach propagates the use of interoperable locating systems and enables easy integration of different location technologies and applications. Contributing our knowledge and expertise in Industry 4.0 solutions will help the vibrant omlox ecosystem to flourish in the future."

stated Samuel Van de Velde, Founder & CTO of Pozyx

Pozyx RTLS heatmap analytics

Why omlox Standardization

Future proofing technology

Industry standards allow components or solutions from different vendors to interoperate, creating future-proof solutions.

omlox is an open technology standard for RTLS that enables the provision of location data, independent of technology and manufacturer. The standard is managed by the non-profit industry association Profibus and Profinet International.

The omlox hub provides standardized interfaces for retrieving location information from a wide variety of localization techniques, such as UWB, RFID, 5G, BLE, WiFi, and GPS.

In addition, omlox also specifies the omlox core zone which provides standardised protocols and interfaces for UWB based RTLS systems, and enables networking across UWB products, regardless of the manufacturer.

omlox in next gen pozyx solutions

Worry-free multi-technology

The new Pozyx Platform is based on the omlox hub (*) where location data from UWB, 5G, RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS converge. Independent of technology and manufacturer, the data is made available to other applications via standardized APIs.
Users and application builders only need to consider a single API and do not have to worry about the underlying technologies used. The platform offers a seamless indoor/outdoor transition with zoom-in from a worldwide map to a detailed indoor map, showing highly accurate locations, up to 10cm precise.
It has an open architecture with flexible interfaces for smooth integration with ERP, MES, and WMS. A full set of industry-specific analytics and dashboards make the collected data actionable for operational purposes.

Pozyx RTLS spaghetti chart analytics
Support for multiple RTLS technologies with Omlox zones in the Pozyx platform

Benefits of standardization

Wireless applications prosper within industry standards

The benefits of industry standards such as omlox are important for technology adopters, to guarantee continuity of supply, thereby avoiding the single-source trap. This ‘peace of mind’ aspect is the main blessing of standards that makes large companies big supporters. Furthermore, a standard is usually based on a collective experience and cooperation which increases reliability and long-term success. A good standard also creates an ecosystem of multiple vendors, competing on quality and price, helping to further bolster RTLS success.

As a conclusion, the omlox standard not only crafts stability and interoperability, it also propels the standard RTLS feature set that translate into benefits that converge in omlox compliant devices and applications.

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