Location and Sensor Hub

This is the heart of the Pozyx Platform.
The RTLS Manager links different RTLS systems and connects RFID, BLE, UWB, WiFi, 5G or GPS systems. Location data from local coordinate systems are translated into geographical coordinates (GPS). Assets are tracked and identified based upon custom asset metadata and made visible on global or indoor/outdoor maps with seamless transition. Next, the collected asset information fuels ERP, WMS and EMS. This is where the RTLS health and performance is tracked and all the system, user and asset configuration is done.

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Asset Management

  • Configure assets and trackables
  • Define custom asset types with custom fields and metadata to fit any use case
  • Link assets to tags and unlink automatically
  • Define different users and roles, login & password management
  • Multi-language support
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Digital Twin

  • Manages maps, floorplans and geofences
  • Easily switch between worldwide map and indoor floorplans
  • Multi-level floor visibility
  • Watch assets tracked by different technologies
  • Upload IMDF vector maps
  • Use Pozyx coordinates and GPS coordinates interchangeably
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  • Create and launch automated events and notifications
  • Translates contextual location-based events into actionables
  • Fire events when people, vehicles or goods move, leave or remain into a specified zone
  • Generate alerts that translate into actions or warnings alerts, notifications, or status updates
  • Fully configurable, no coding
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Pozyx platform connectivity

Location data API & data connectors

The Pozyx Platform collects data and tracks and reports on any piece of equipment on the floor and on the road. To allow global coverage, the new Pozyx Platform is based on the omlox hub where location data from UWB, 5G, RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS converge. Independent of technology and manufacturer, the data is made available to other applications via standardized APIs.

The platform has an open architecture with flexible interfaces for smooth integration with ERP, MES, and WMS.

  • Translates location data from local coordinate systems into geographical coordinates (GPS)
  • Open API to interface in a standardized way with several location systems.
  • Unified way to work with location information from different technologies
  • Flexible data connectors for ERP, MES and WMS
Founders Samuel and Vadim

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