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Pozyx delivers the most flexible real-time location systems (RTLS) for indoor and outdoor tracking to position people, equipment and assets in Industry 4.0 and to bring efficiency and productivity improvements to manufacturing and logistics. We have sold over 4000 kits, shipped to over 80 countries, in a variety of solutions, use cases, markets and industries.

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When we started in 2015, we had only tapped into 1% of the capabilities of RTLS. Today we expanded our possibilities with the technology agnostic Pozyx Platform, and by adding worldwide location data to our system.
With the continuous evolution of digitization and IoT, more of that potential will be unlocked. Location information can bring visibility and understanding to what is happening in the physical world and bridge the gap between what we guess is happening, and what is actually going on.


Our mission is to eliminate all the hurdles for companies to start using accurate indoor and outdoor positioning. Focusing on Industry 4.0, we want to translate these location capabilities to business value. In 5 years from now, we want the industry to look back and say: “real-time location tracking has made the biggest impact on the efficiency of my business”.

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Pozyx Leadership Team

Complementary strengths and expertise sparked by a shared mission & vision inspire ambition and promote organizational & technological excellence.
That is Pozyx in a nutshell.

Wim De Smet

Wim De Smet

President Pozyx Inc

Samuel Van de Velde

Samuel Van de Velde

CTO and Co-Founder of Pozyx

Vadim Vermeiren

Vadim Vermeiren

CCO & Co-Founder of Pozyx

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Our company

The Pozyx story

The company was founded as a spin-off from the prestigious Ghent University in 2015. Today, Pozyx has developed a strong product portfolio with a focus on innovative solutions for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing companies. Cutting-edge hardware and firmware are combined with algorithms and analytics software to translate the stream of real-time locations into smart data and value creating insights. Pozyx has also developed accompanying software that makes it easy to install and maintain any set-up.

In short, the Pozyx offering covers the most demanding industry requirements for reliability, stability, robustness, and scalability. Its ultra-accurate positioning technology, from worldwide to indoors (up to 10 cm precise), provides a competitive advantage to Pozyx’s partners and customers in Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Pozyx is a global player with offices in Europe and the Americas and guarantees a worldwide presence and expertise with its experienced partner eco-system. Pozyx also works as an independent design house (IDH) helping OEM clients to bring custom-made UWB products to market.


Our values


The desire to excel and offer the best possible product, service and experience to our customers.
We are proud of what we do, and we want to be the best in doing it.


Delivering what we promise is crucial.
We adhere to timelines and deadlines and we don't make false claims. We believe transparent communication can avoid surprises.


We take pride in our excellent support.
Not only to our customers but also internally to our team. Customer experience and colleagues feeling happy at Pozyx is key.


Innovation is key to be able to excel.
It is in our DNA to challenge the state-of-the-art.
Innovation propels our growth and fuels our future development.


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