Pozyx RTLS Analytics

Do more with x, y and z.
Pozyx Analytics provides a fully featured toolbox to explore positioning data through multiple interactive views. Take action based on location data and harness the real value of RTLS data.

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Pozyx analytics in action

The analytics use advanced signal processing to translate raw XYZ data streams into actionable data and insights. Among others, it calculates distances traveled, utilization rates and spatial insights.

  • Interactive analytics
  • Flexible data filtering
  • Export data for use outside the RTLS
Pozyx RTLS heatmap analytics


Know where your tags move on an aggregated base

A powerful way to see how tracked objects move. They can be used to analyze behavior, find hotspots, find bottlenecks and more.

Pozyx offers a time based and a tag based heatmap. The time based heatmap shows how long tags have been at a location, while the tag based heatmap shows how many distinct tags are present at a certain location.

spaghetti charts

Figure out the flow of movements within your space

Gain powerful insights in the movement flow of the tracked assets. This visual representation of the trajectories of tracked objects makes it easy to pinpoint efficiency gain possibilities and implement them. The location data is also linked to the speed and zone presence at any given point in time.

Pozyx RTLS spaghetti chart analytics
Pozyx RTLS analytics - define zones to get insights automatically

Zone analytics

Define zones and get insights automatically

Gain detailed insights in tag behavior in the zone analytics. This overview gathers data about the time spent in each zone, the amount of entries and exits, and the minimum or maximum amount of tags present at the same time. Both aggregated and split out by tracked object.

See how much time is spent in each zone, and find irregularities in object behavior.

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