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Empowering Industry 4.0 with Accurate, Scalable Indoor and Outdoor Tracking Solutions

Pozyx tracks anything indoor in industry 4.0

Forklift tracking

Track forklift location, efficiency, number of trips made per day, distance traveled and more

Container tracking

Reduce lost assets, improve your inventory accuracy and eliminate manual scanning.

Workflow tracking

Track orders and operators as they move through a workflow and get real-time visibility and alerting.

Pozyx RTLS tracks anything indoor in industry 4.0

Indoor and outdoor asset tracking

Some of our applications

Tracking containers

Tracking reusable packaging

Track containers, pallets, transport racks or carts both indoor and outdoor. Reduce lost assets and improve their utilization.

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Tracking forklifts

Forklift tracking and monitoring

Measure and improve the efficiency of your forklift fleet. Track and monitor your forklifts, tugger trains and other material handling equipment.

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Tracking operators and orders

WIP and material flow tracking

Track work in process or material throughout your warehouse and production facility. React faster to abnormalities and gain production insights for efficiency gains and improved cost calculation.

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customer references

Our awesome customers

"The Pozyx Real-time Location System (RTLS) offers us the tools to enhance productivity and safety within our factory."
Assembly plant for heavy trucks
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"By implementing the Pozyx Platform we finally have real-time visibility and insights over our manufacturing processes. This is something that every process engineer in manufacturing needs!"
Salco industrial doors
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"We had a test system up and running very easily with the advertised 10 cm precision.
After implementing the Pozyx UWB solution, we saw a 3% increase in our warehouse efficiency!"
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Improved Warehouse efficiency through RTLS
"The technology easily replaces barcode scanning to register the employees physical location at a workstation. All we need today is someone wearing a Pozyx tag, that’s it."
Seafood processing company
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"Partnering with Pozyx with their expertise in real-time location systems has enabled us to offer unparalleled insights into animal behavior, boosting productivity and welfare across the board."
Global solution provider for dairy farms
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indoor positioning

Pozyx provides its Pozyx Platform, hardware & services for tracking and identifying all industry assets indoor & outdoor in manufacturing and logistics

  • The Pozyx Platform combines ultra-wideband signals from the Pozyx UWB RTLS solution with other location technologies to provide real-time actionable location data, indoor and outdoor, pinpointing assets from 10 cm precise to worldwide.
  • Designed and developed for the most demanding industrial environments, the Pozyx solution is robust, secure, built to perform and user-friendly.
  • Based on the open, multi-technology omlox standard
Positioning of asset on a pallet

Pozyx Platform

An IOT platform to track, analyze and optimize all processes via location technologies from BLE and UWB to GPS

  • Real-time visibility of your material, forklifts, containers, operators and more, both inside and outside your facilities
  • Stop wasting time looking for things with a powerful search & find
  • Track material flows and inventory levels
  • Measure key indicators with the Pozyx Analytics & Dashboards.
  • Detect and respond faster to abnormal events with location-based Triggers
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Robust, highly accurate, and scalable indoor positioning system based on ultra-wideband (UWB) And Bluetooth (BLE)

  • Highly accurate UWB real-time location system (RTLS), up to 10cm indoor positioning accuracy
  • Standard BLE positioning accuracy of 5m
  • Robust & user-friendly - optimised for demanding industrial environments
  • Superior RTLS algorithm with open API and broad offering of standard integration protocols
  • Scalable - grows with demanding deployments - unlimited tracked devices and area size
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About Pozyx

Winning RTLS technology

Proven in Industry 4.0
Prized by academia

Pozyx leverages the positioning capabilities of UWB, BLE, GPS and other technologies to provide highly accurate, scalable and reliable real-time locating systems.


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RTLS deployments

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Find out how RTLS works and which industrial use cases bring great benefits and quick ROI.

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Getting started in 3 easy steps.

1. Explore

​Exploration session with Pozyx's RTLS experts to assess the use case and discuss requirements.

2. Validate

Project proposal with use case validation, ROI estimate and project plan. ​

3. Deliver​

Installation, calibration, implementation, testing & optimization.​ Roll out to success.​​


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