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IoT, e-commerce, mobile applications, cloud services, and AI/ML
Certified partner

Smart AI Applications

ITHENA is a new-age solutions company focused on integrating digital technology with business processes - to help its customers become smarter and run safer. ITHENA has Over 10+ years of experience in IoT, e-commerce, mobile applications, cloud services, and AI/ML. With over 45+ Customers across the globe, 200+ Engineers, and Consultants, we have delivered over 70+ Digital Projects. ITHENA’s platform is Flexible, Scalable, Affordable, Integrated, and Persona-Based - which offers an edge in the deployment of smart city technology.

About Pozyx collaboration

The two industry experts have formed an exclusive alliance to provide a reliable asset localization solution for the manufacturing, industrial, and commercial sectors. This partnership will help ITHENA to Improve its following IIoT solutions.

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Connected Products
  • I.S.A.F.E
  • Asset Tracking

The persona-driven IOT products from ITHENA, combined with the technology advancement of Pozyx helps in precise and advanced technology at the forefront of customer solutions in the world of reality.

Success story

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“The quality of Pozyx’s technology not only makes this partnership a robust source for our IOT based solutions, but also bringing out the best in ITHENA’s IoT solutions.”
Ambrish Sethi
Program Director