Products for everyone

We have two product families. Our Creator series are aimed at the prototyping market. These products work out of the box and are especially suited for small hobby projects, a quick technology validation or a simple POC. Our Enterprise solutions are designed for large projects with a permanent aspect or very demanding requirements around performance. The Enterprise hardware is also certifiable. Enterprise clients pay recurring maintenance fees and additional supplements for dedicated software modules. Both our Creator and Enterprise products work seamlessly with our companion software. We have basic visualisation options and tools to ensure a quick and fast set-up.

Products for DIY & Enterprise

Product family overview

Creator product

Creator series

  • Small scale setups
  • 20 m x 20 m area (8 anchors)
  • 5 tracked devices @ 50 positions/sec
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Enterprise product

Enterprise solution

  • Enterprise scale setups
  • Unlimited area size
  • 1000 tracked devices @ 1000 positions/sec
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Companion software

Companion software

Creator Enterprise
Fast deployment
Real-time visualization
Cloud & Edge Cloud only
System monitoring
Setup validation
Virtual tags
Planning Q1 2019
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Detailed comparison



Maximum area size 1000m2 Unlimited
Maximum number of anchors 8 Unlimited
Maximum number of tags 5 1000
Maximum number of positions/s 60 1000
Supported positioning techniques TWR TDOA
TWR (alpha)
Certified hardware No Q2 2019
Anchors cabling Power cable Daisy chained PoE+
Anchors casing IP20 IP20
Available tags Arduino shield tag Arduino shield tag
Low-power tag (wearable tag)
Forklift tag
Custom design (OEM only)
Available software modules Virtual tags
Setup validation
Planning (Q1 2019)