imec - Wireless Community Workshop

Innovations in UWB-Technology for Communication, Positioning and Sensing

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November 7, 2022
De Krook - Ghent, Belgium

This Wireless Community workshop from imec focuses on innovations in ultra-wideband technology. From industrial solutions and real-time location systems to consumer electronics, interest in ultra-wideband is growing in multiple sectors. This increased interest and rapid growth of technology applications need to be accompanied with standards and regulations.

Pozyx's founder and CTO Samuel Van de Velde will be a keynote speaker with his session on standardization of ultra-wideband and interoperability of UWB-systems in RTLS.

Wireless Community is an initiative by imec to share knowledge and information about wireless technology and smart applications. Regular physical and online workshops bring together several hundred experts from the local industry and academia to share their expertise.

imec -  Wireless Community Workshop