Our second software release of 2021 is all about making the rollout of a Pozyx system setup easier and more efficient.
Product Release

2021 Q2 Enterprise Release

2021 Q2 Enterprise Release
Samuel Van de Velde
Jun 23, 2021

Our second software release of 2021 is all about making the rollout of a Pozyx system setup easier and more efficient. Our Q2 Enterprise Software update gives you improved tools to validate the network and the UWB connectivity of Anchors. The result is a faster installation process to get your Pozyx RTLS up and running with ease.

The new release also comes with support for the 2.3 Anchor firmware and support for the Industrial Tag.

One Pozyx gateway can now also handle about twice the amount of tags by major improvements in speed in the positioning engine. This means lower loads on the CPU and saving energy.

Furthermore, the release includes massive improvement and usability gains on the autocalibration of anchors.

Network validation tool

The physical installation of the Anchor network is a crucial step in ensuring a well-operating system. Now the Network Validation Tool makes it easy to see if all Anchors are connected and working well.

From the Network Topology View, you can run a simple baseline test. A more detailed Anchor connection test is available, too, which provides additional diagnostic information for every single Anchor. A test report will be generated which gives you a full list of all Anchors complete with full parameters, ranging from MAC Address over Latency to Voltage. Each Anchor is checked and will get a pass or fail indication.

Anchor connectivity validation

A second new tool in the Rollout options is Anchor Connectivity, which gives you insights into which Anchors are too far away from each other which causes low coverage.

Running a connectivity test will get you a map of how all Anchors in your setup are connected. Hovering over each Anchor shows you the Anchors connected to that Anchor. The results can easily be saved for later reference.

The ranging test will get you an overview of Anchors with sufficient range, ranges to be improved, and insufficient range. The network map will highlight poor ranges with red lines to make it clear where issues are.

Full release notes

  • Network Validation Tool
  • UWB Connectivity Validation
  • Support for Anchor firmware 2.3+
  • Support for Industrial Tags
  • Set sensitivity or disable anchor alert settings
Fixes and improvements
  • Massively improved speed in the positioning engine
  • Massively improved autocalibration performance
  • Now possible to re-run autocalibration quickly from existing anchor neighbour information
  • Anchor firmware upgrades now run entirely in the background
  • Network topology has improved speed and robustness, and will not pause positioning