Pozyx is excited to see its founders Samuel and Vadim interviewed in Eric Kenis' new book 'Belgian's Cutting-Edge Entrepeneurs'.

Belgium's Cutting-edge Entrepreneurs

Belgium's Cutting-edge Entrepreneurs
Samuel Van de Velde
Dec 7, 2020

When Accuracy Matters

This month Eric Kenis is launching his new book "Belgian's Cutting-edge Entrepreneurs". This book is the third in a series of books that are very popular in Belgium. This third book is also the first aimed at an international audience. Eric's books contain interviews with some of the brightest and most promising entrepreneurs of Belgium. At Pozyx we're obviously very happy to see our founders Vadim Vermeiren and Samuel Van de Velde be featured in Eric's newest book.

Belgium's Cutting-edge Entrepreneurs is structured around 4 big themes. Firstly there are the "flagships". These are the start-ups or scale-ups that have received large amounts of external funding and have traction in multiple markets. Think at companies like Collibra and Trendminer.

The second theme is "meaning". Under this heading Eric catalogues all the start-ups that are persuing more noble goals. Think at companies that are active in bio-engineering or biotech.

The third theme is "efficiency". These are companies that are trying to do things better using technology. You will find Pozyx' interview in this section. Our interview starts at page 186.

The last and fourth theme is "culture". Here Eric interviews entrepreneurs that are doing something typically Belgian. Think at Karel Goetghebeur who is still building saxophones following a long family tradition, or Jasna Rok who is infusing fashion with technology and by doing so is heralding a new era of fashion entrepreneurship in the wake of the Antwerp six.

By combining all these themes Eric is able to distill the secret formula. Successful startups = Efficiency x Culture x Meaning.

We couldn't agree more!

If you are looking for a copy let us know, we still have some and are giving them away.

Samuel Van de Velde

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Samuel Van de Velde

Samuel Van de Velde

CTO & Co-Founder at Pozyx

Samuel is an electrical engineer with a strong interest in location technology. Skilled in Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Product Management, internet of things (IoT), and Machine Learning. After graduating In 2010, he joined the Department of Telecommunications and Digital Information Processing (TELIN) to pursue a Ph.D. degree on the topic of collaborative indoor localisation. In 2015, he founded the spin-off company Pozyx out of that research.