Pozyx appoints industry veteran Frans Frielink as Chairman of the Board to energize growth ambitions
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Pozyx appoints industry veteran Frans Frielink as chairman of the board

Pozyx appoints industry veteran Frans Frielink as chairman of the board
Elly Schietse
Sep 8, 2021

Board of Directors extends to further strengthen the Pozyx management team and energize growth ambitions

Ghent, Belgium – September 15, 2021 – Pozyx, a leading provider of the most accurate and innovative indoor RTLS (Real-Time Location System) based on UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) technology, today announced that it has appointed Frans Frielink as Chairman of the Board.

Frans Frielink, industry veteran in the wireless semiconductor industry, has over 30 years of experience in high-growth wireless technology organizations with NCR, AT&T Bell Labs, RF Micro Devices, BridgeCo and GreenPeak Technologies/Qorvo, and held executive positions leading Engineering, Marketing and Business Development.

Mr Frielink is a visionary business executive who leads and shapes the direction of companies, drives their growth, and creates new markets. He has a worldwide enterprising view, has driven the WiFi market towards a massive success, and has established GreenPeak Technologies as a market leader in the fast-growing Smart Home and IoT market. In this new role, he will support and contribute to Pozyx’s steep growth trajectory as it enters its next phase of expansion.

Frans Frielink
Samuel Van de Velde, Founder and CEO of Pozyx, said, "We are delighted that Frans Frielink will join Pozyx as non-executive Chairman of the Board. Teaming with a highly experienced and respected IoT veteran like Frans will mark a turning point for the company as we shape our future direction. Frans brings an unrivalled reputation and invaluable network of contacts at the highest level in the industry worldwide. This will provide immediate value and contribute to the growth of our company. We look forward to Frans Frielink’s involvement and insights to our Board.”

I’m excited to supporting Pozyx as Chairman of the Board,” said Frans Frielink. “The Pozyx team has the extraordinary opportunity to meet the needs of the fast-growing accurate indoor positioning and RTLS market based on UWB technology. Their technology is top-notch and their competitive advantages are impressive. Pozyx has developed world-class expertise to deliver the most accurate RTLS available today. Their solutions deliver rapid innovation, quick time to value and improved efficiency in industrial use cases, enabling Western based manufacturing companies to compete against low-cost labour environments. I’m pleased to take on this role and work with the other members of the Board to help overcome challenges and identify opportunities in the marketplace that create further value for Pozyx.

To find out more about Pozyx, and its high-accuracy RTLS based on UWB, please visit www.pozyx.io or schedule a demo to explore how the innovative Pozyx location solutions can boost your business with real-time and dynamic positioning analytics.

About Pozyx

Pozyx delivers the most flexible real-time location systems (RTLS) for indoor tracking based on UWB (ultra-wide band) technology to position people and assets with unprecedented accuracy.

Since 2015, Pozyx has built a strong product portfolio with a focus on innovative solutions for smart manufacturing companies. Cutting-edge hardware and firmware are combined with algorithms and analytics software to translate the stream of real-time locations into smart data and value creating insights. The Pozyx offering covers the most demanding industry requirements for reliability, stability, robustness, and scalability. Its ultra-accurate positioning technology (up to 10cm precise) provides a competitive advantage to Pozyx’s partners and customers in Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Pozyx was founded in 2015, is headquartered in Belgium and has offices in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. Its eco-system of experienced partners guarantees a truly global presence. Pozyx has over 4,000 customers in more than 80 countries and continues to expand rapidly.

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