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Pozyx Industry 4.0 brochure

Pozyx Industry 4.0 brochure
Elly Schietse
Nov 23, 2021

Pozyx in Industry 4.0

Pozyx has a new brochure on RTLS in Industry 4.0.
Find out how RTLS works, which technology is used, and which industrial use cases bring great benefits and quick ROI.

Hyper-accurate indoor positioning for smart industry solutions

Table of Contents

About Pozyx

RTLS & UWB Technology

Industry 4.0 solutions

  Labor & work efficiency

  WIP & material flows

  Warehouse efficiency

  Equipment tracking

  Lean manufacturing

  Safety & security

RTLS platform

Integration & connections

Tags & anchors

Triggers & events

Management software


Case stories

Trigger use cases


Enterprise Kits

Technical specs