New eBook on The State of UWB in 2022 describing the 7 trends that define the success of UWB, technology benefits, key players and the domination Industry 4.0 applications.

The State of UWB in 2022

The State of UWB in 2022
Elly Schietse
May 4, 2022

The State of UWB in 2022

7 Trends that shape the RTLS landscape

UWB technology (aka ultra-wideband or ultraband) has been around for many years, but until just a few years ago, it was still a niche technology and only adopted by a small number of pioneering companies. Recent market growth numbers show a steep increase in UWB’s success. 2022 will likely see continued adoption of the technology that is well on its way to becoming the worldwide standard. 2022 will be the year when UWB will prove to be the key wireless technology for accurate indoor positioning and location-based services. It is obvious that UWB is here to stay and that RTLS (real-time location system) will become its game-changing industry sponsor.

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What is the reason for the recent & stellar UWB adoption rate?
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7 trends are key drivers for UWB success

eBook Content

Introduction & short history of UWB - analyst predictions

10 Benefits of UWB

#1 Chip interoperability is guaranteed through a solid IEEE standard

#2 Global regulations enable worldwide coverage

#3 Semiconductors to choose from propagate adoption & avoid vendor lock-in

#4 Application standardization is secured by alliances & consortiums

#5 UWB is the growing star in the center of active research

#6 Mature RTLS deployment tools bolster quick and reliable RTLS solutions

#7 Growing RTLS ecosystem boosts application confidence

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