Companion Software

Both our Creator and Enterprise series work together with our companion software. This software contains some of the most basic features client share regardless of use-case or application. Our companion software can be deployed in the cloud or on premise (with some limitations). When connected to the cloud you can easily perform software updates or do remote monitoring. For enterprise clients the basic offering can be further enhanced with additional modules making integration easier or unlocking additional requirements and features.

Additional modules

On top of the basic functionality, the Pozyx companion software can be extended with additional features grouped in modules.


Get detailed feedback about the quality of your setup through an automatically generated report.

Virtual tags

Combine multiple tags on a device to improve positioning and get orientation data.


Trigger events whenever a tag enters or leaves some pre-defined zone. This module is in closed alpha.


Plan in advance where to place the anchors to speed up the deployment. This module is in closed alpha.

Companion Software Architecture

Our Companion Software is build in containers and can thus be easily deployed using Docker. We also use the latest advances in encryption and security to make sure we are GDPR compliant. We use double salted hashes for passwords. We also do not save sensitive data on our systems.

Are you planning to run multiple RTLS installations?

Next to our companion software, we have a management tool with dashboards to manage users, diagnostics and much more for multiple installations.