RTLS Planning Suite

The Pozyx RTLS Planning Suite for anchor planning and network planning guides users through the planning of infrastructure (network and coverage), verifies deployments on the floorplan, optimizes installation budgets, and validates project feasibility.
The Pozyx RTLS Planning Suite provides an intuitive exercise, in four modules, to generate a validated project infrastructure recommendation and installation proposal with accurate budget input. The RTLS Planning Suite indicates the expected data accuracy in the pre-defined zones and allows further optimization of the installation. In combination with the Pozyx budget-friendly PoE (Power over Ethernet) daisy-chaining feature, which significantly decreases the overall infrastructure budget, the Planner Suite optimizes cable use, number of anchors and switches, and reduces installation costs.

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Intuitive & easy to use

The user interface of the RTLS Planning Suite tools is intuitive and invites exploratory use. The built-in tutorial and first-time user guidance guarantee a quick and accurate result. Its layered visibility supports export features of the different views and content.

  • Validated infrastructure recommendation
  • Optimized installation proposal
  • Accurate budget input

Add ROI value to RTLS ideas

Quickly calculate RTLS deployments, validate RTLS project plans, and save on infrastructure and installation budgets.

From RTLS idea to validated & optimized plan in 4 easy steps

  • Floorplan setup
  • Positioning zone creation
  • Anchor planning
  • Network planning
Pozyx UWB technology opposed to other positioning systems

Anchor planning

Optimal anchor placement for accurate coverage

  • Place anchors on the floorplan and use the placement tools to align, distribute and duplicate to populate the floor
  • Dynamic view measures anchor distance and alerts on out-of-range situations
  • Accuracy coverage is represented in an HDOP map, in heatmap view
  • Add obstructions to simulate the effect of walls or static equipment

Network planning

Enhanced network & infrastructure proposals

  • Calculate the exact amount of cabling needed (PoE daisy chain)
  • Add the gateway and switches to complete the infrastructure
  • Alert feature prompts on range issues
  • Obtain the required level of data accuracy for every pre-defined zone
  • Distill the infrastructure and installation plan and explore different scenarios to obtain optimized zone coverage

RTLS project validation

Realistic deployment plan & improved installation budget

  • Generate the infrastructure & network plan to create accurate deployment proposals and budget calculations
  • Move from guesstimate to realistic validated project plan
  • Save on installation budgets
  • Input for a feasibility study, ROI exercise, or installation project
  • Provides insights for integration installation partners as well as for end-users looking for pre-deployment project validation
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