ALD Automotive never has to search for cars in their fleet management facility again
Case study

ALD Automotive never has to search for cars in their fleet management facility again

ALD Automotive is an internationally leading provider of mobility solutions that offers car leasing and fleet management. Pozyx worked together with Fleetback to provide a solution for the ALD Automotive branch in Luxembourg.

Founded in 1985, ALD Automotive Luxembourg has been offering high-performance and innovative mobility solutions for more than 35 years with a market share of nearly 35%. In Luxembourg, ALD Automotive is seen as the number one mobility partner for long-term fleet solutions. The company currently provides operational leasing services for a fleet of over 16,500 vehicles and offers a separate fleet of 1,500 vehicles for short-term mobility needs.

Employees spent too much time searching for cars

The ALD Automotive Luxembourg facility measures 25,000 square meter and has as many as 1,000 vehicles. Every day hundreds of cars come in the facility and enter a workflow of cleaning, maintenance, and repair. It became nearly impossible for the company to track the cars throughout this process, and even more of a challenge to locate them afterwards in the fast parking lot. This resulted in multiple people losing a lot of time searching for parked cars. That is why ALD needed a solution to locate cars quickly and with precision. ALD partnered with Fleetback and Pozyx to adopt a flexible solution that provides real-time visibility on their vehicles.

Pozyx & Fleetback provide accurate visibility

The improvement and quality department of ALD Automotive Luxembourg looked at tracking solutions based on Bluetooth, but it did not nearly provide the accuracy they needed. ALD then contacted Fleetback for a Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) that could provide more precise location data to optimize the efficiency of the Automotive Facility.

Fleetback teamed up with Pozyx to develop a solution for the automotive industry and has added car tracking in parking lots to obtain real-time information about where cars are located. Pozyx tags are placed on or inside the cars and become visible in the web application developed by Fleetback for ALD Automotive. The application pinpoints the exact location of the tag, and hence the car, on a map.

Fleetback software and Pozyx positioning hardware facilitates fleet management

Ashmat Parwany, Software Engineer at Fleetback for the ALD Automotive project, said,

"It is part of our company culture for Fleetback to be ahead of innovation. We partnered with Pozyx to create a precise workflow for ALD Automotive, so that they can easily and maybe even more importantly quickly find the cars. Our application provides statistics on any metric ALD Automotive requires, so they can adjust their internal processes as needed."

Alexander Deboutte, Global Account Manager with Pozyx, commented:

"After a first successful roll-out with Fleetback for another customer, I was happy to work again with their team and with Ashmat. The ALD Automotive environment added an additional RTLS challenge due to the nature of its building structure with a lot of concrete and metal. but Pozyx nailed it. We are eager to roll out other ALD Automotive sites in the future. In short, ALD Automotive is in for a smooth ride!"

The solution completely eliminated any searches and guesswork. The system helps ALD Automotive to gain efficiency and to quickly locate the exact parking spot of over 1,000 cars. ALD Automotive employees no longer have to spend time and live frustration searching for cars in the vast parking lot. What’s more, Pozyx’s RTLS system based on ultra-wideband (UWB) provides decimeter-precise positioning data that was integrated into the Fleetback app.

The Pozyx-Fleetback solution has become completely indispensable at ALD Automotive Luxembourg. As Gaëtan Demande states,

"It became painfully clear how much we love the RTLS system at the end of last year. We had a seasonal peak in December when short-term leasing cars were temporarily returned during the vacation period. We did not have enough tags available to track all cars that came in and we realized then how hard it is to work without the system. On top of the increased workload, my team had to start searching for parked cars again, which was frustrating. We lost a lot of time and remembered how inefficient we were before the system was in place. Today, we fully rely on the data and we trust its precision. We have closed the gap to transform from a manual to a fully automated tracking solution."

Pozyx and Fleetback drove ALD to success

The combined solution brings increased efficiency and productivity based on these 6 benefits:

  1. Pinpoints the exact location of vehicles in the building or at the parking lot, ALD Automotive never has to search for parked cars again
  2. Supports a vast number of cars and scales to sustain seasonal peaks or as the business grows
  3. Accelerates car collection procedures, fully handled by the truck drivers without ALD Automotive employee intervention
  4. Provides accurate and real-time car availability data and metrics for both operations and accounting
  5. Facilitates the automated and precise inventory count at the end of every month
  6. Optimizes car parking capacities and associated costs

Tracking as an essential part of the daily operations

The Pozyx UWB RTLS hardware works seamlessly with the platform Fleetback developed for ALD Automotive, and the combined solution quickly became an essential part in ALD Automotive's daily operations. The goal to eliminate the search for vehicles in the car center was reached with ease and surpassed by accelerating the entire workflow, automating the inventory count, and optimizing the facility lay-out.

Do you struggle with finding vehicles in your vast car park? Or do you have other benefits people spend hours searching? Schedule a call with our experts to discuss your use case, we are happy to help!