Digital Twin

The maps in the Location and Sensor Hub module represent a Digital Twin and are key in interpreting location information.

  • Interactive maps
  • Indoor/outdoor/worldwide
  • Track any asset on global maps

zoom in from 10cm precise to global position

Strong mapping tool to create and populate maps

The Digital Twin module is part of the Location and Sensor Hub.
This mapping component is able to combine indoor and outdoor maps.

The trackable assets show on the map and can be filtered on asset type, recent activity, zone presence etc. to represent on the map. Asset tracking can hence be done based on meta descriptions of the trackables, e.g. all expedite orders currently located the assembly area.
The maps can cover multiple floors to cover complex buildings and large facilities.
Static maps can be called for inclusion in ERP or email through an API. The maps can be used for navigation and to define fence events: what happens in a specific area.

The map format is IMDF, a vector-map format defined by Apple and standardized by the OGC. Image floorplans as used in the original Pozyx RTLS remain supported to allow backward compatibility. Shop floor layouts can be imported to position machines on the maps.

Creating, drawing, editing, and managing geo-fences on the map, indoor or anywhere on the globe, has never been easier. All activity tagged trackable activities within this zone will be tracked in the Pozyx hub. Geo-fences can also be imported from other applications to avoid recreating them from scratch.

  • Combined indoor and outdoor maps
  • Interactive maps with zoom, rotate and search features
  • Multi-floor coverage
  • Support for IMDF vector-map format and image floorplans (backward compatibility)
  • Outdoor maps based on OpenStreetMap
  • Map editing to add geofences and machines (shop floor layout)
  • Configuration of coordinate systems, the omlox zones

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