Track any asset in the steel production flow

The power of real-time location solutions becomes eminent in steel production.
Pozyx RTLS can increase safety and security by tracking both operators and any moving part of infrastructure, any asset or vehicle to avoid accidents, collisions or shut-down actions in critical and hazardous production zones.
The Pozyx scannerless asset tracking system also keeps track of inventory and goods during all stages of the production flow without manual barcode or RFID scanning.  Knowing exactly where assets are, in real-time makes scanning redundant.
Finally, Pozyx enables LBPA location based process automation in steel to analyze and optimize production processes with real-time insights on product flows based on accurate location data.
Steel production warehouse

RTLS true as steel

steel production hot mill

safety and security

Avoid accidents & downtime

  • Real-time visibility - Track the location of operators in hazardous zones or around hazardous installations & machinery and feed the data back to crane & machinery operators or automated infrastructure to avoid accidents.
  • Safety applications - Create applications to avoid human/robot/forklift collisions and monitor driver behavior, to identify high traffic & risk areas and apply automated speed control.
  • Accurate geofencing - Create digital indoor zones and geofences to create critical maps and virtual perimeters on floor plans.
  • Instant alert response - The Pozyx RTLS tracks the entry, presence and exit of people & vehicles on digital indoor maps. Triggers fire automatic notifications, warnings or actions when people & vehicles enter critical zones.
  • Case story - The autonomous overhead crane project in a Belgian hot mill tracks operators who enter the zone where the crane operates. The crane will adjust its movements based on the the location of operators and stay clear from those zones, while continuing to work in other zones to avoid shutdown actions and guarantee continued production. Pozyx enhances job site safety & security.
Safety & Security

LBPA - location based process automation

Full production flow control

  • Optimize production processes - Use real-time insights on product flows based on accurate location data to analyze production processes. Pozyx’s RTLS tracks and analyzes moving assets and WIP to discover and solve issues that surface in steel manufacturing.
  • Map asset performance - Unlock asset performance data to raise OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). Analyze and fix inconsistent and inefficient workflows and spot bottlenecks and prevent disruptions, minimizing downtime, setup and changeover time.
  • Case Story - The automated overhead crane in a Belgian cold mill picks up coils and places them on a train carriage. To guarantee correct delivery, the crane must know the exact location of the right carriage, which does not always stop at the indicated spot. Pozyx secures the exact delivery location to avoid waste and increase efficiency.
Lean Manufacturing
Steel production flow
steel production hot mill

scannerless asset tracking

Avoid manual barcode or RFID scanning

  • Real-time location - Pinpoint the exact location of goods, assets and inventory during every step of the production process. No scanning required.
  • Asset tracking - Track all assets or high-value & highly critical assets only. Or track inventory based on the location of the forklift that last moved it.
  • Inventory control - Know the exact location of goods and assets and save time searching for assets. Correct missing goods issues and manage inventory more effectively, avoid unnecessary WIP & excess stock, slash lost inventory costs.
  • Achieve & maintain inventory accuracy whilst eliminating manual scanning. Reduce laborious and expensive physical inventory counts.
  • Case story - The French site of a steel manufacturer uses the Pozyx RTLS to track how forklifts move assets in the warehouse and at which exact location the assets have been dropped off to keep track of the inventory positions.
Inventory Control

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