Highly dynamic RTLS in winning sports

RTLS are rapidly finding their way to the world of sports and entertainment. The ability to track athletes in real-time with UWB (ultra-wide band) has already proven to be a game changer for professional teams and has impacted how professional teams prepare and train.

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People playing basketball


  • High update rates in highly dynamic environments
  • High-precision location data tracks for on-field performance

Flexible & easy to use

  • Daisy-chain infrastructure around the field
  • Small and non-intrusive wearable tags
  • Long battery life
  • Bulk Recharging

Data driven competition

  • Remove guesswork from training progress, make decisions based on actual data
  • Open API and broad offering of standard integration protocols to sports analytics systems

sports application highlight - extreme sports - bmx

Track on-field performance of athletes during training and competition

In Freestyle BMX, performance is key. BMX riders are always pushing the envelope for perfect jumps and better acceleration curves and chronometric performance. Preparing for the Olympic Games, riders were looking at UWB RTLS to analyze their performance and improve their runs.

In traditional performance measurement systems, data that is captured while riding is visualized and analyzed with tools common in BI and video game development. Errors in the positioning system used, create problems in the analysis. Dropped frames, synchronization issues and inaccuracies lead to an overall bad end-user experience.

Pozyx has invested heavily to keep the data clean and versatile. We provide time-stamped XYZ data at update rates of up to 75Hz and even expose 'raw' accelerometer readings. This 'raw' data is injected into complex algorithms (custom Kalman filters, particle models, etc...) and visualized in Unity or other 3D software to extract the information required by coaches, managers and athletes.

  • Beneficial across all indoor sports and training fields
  • Ultra accurate player tracking location data for performance statistics

Watch our video on BMX accurate tracking.

Sports application  highlight - karting

Pozyx technology in highest gear

Pozyx has designed a tracking system in indoor karting venues.
Pozyx’s tracking system is used to track karts on the circuit, for accurate timekeeping, for analyzing and evaluating the driver's racing lines, acceleration, trajectories and APEX. The data can be used for both occasional amateur drivers as well as for training and coaching of pro-racers. In short, Pozyx bridges the gap between indoor sports and technology.

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